Existence of the Creator :A Plain Truth

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Is it a matter of astonishment if one affirms that this infinite universe and nature does have its creator who has been managing it systematically and not being ‘an accident’?

Existence of the Creator :A Plain Truth

Is it a matter of astonishment if one affirms that this infinite universe and nature does have its creator who has been managing it systematically and not being ‘an accident’? Instead, it is tantamount to the matter of astonishment if one believes and affirms that this vast universe does not have its creator at all, and each affair in this universe is occurring by itself! But, indeed, the existence of the creator of this whole universe is a fundamental fact, of which the human conscious is by itself aware in this world. For an instance, if any greatest professor or an engineer or a doctor or any scientist or a priest (Priest) comes to you and says that the dresses that you are wearing now has automatically by itself has emerged from the market, get sewed by itself and consequently appeared on your body by itself, or says that the wrist watch that you are wearing has not been manufactured by anyone at all but it has got created and assembled by itself automatically and consequently emerged out to be a watch, will our common conscious believe such saying of the doctor or professor or scientist or the priest? Never, never. Instead we shall not entertain any doubt regarding such person to be mentally crippled.

So, it is beyond the common comprehension as to on what ground the creator of this infinite universe is denied by the mankind. It is indeed a very very systematic mechanism of this entire, infinite universe being governed very impeccably. The creation of whole this universe itself is such that it can't come into being without its creator at all. Really, man is as much helpless to believe in the existence of the God as he is to believe himself as well as this vast universe.

The land on which we all sustain is like a huge wheel. The earth revolves on its axis continuously at a rapid speed of 1000 miles per hour. Of course, we live, sustain, move, build up the houses and factories on this revolving earth, yet our state is not like a pebble left on the revolving wheel. It is because of the fact that we are being pulled by the earth from beneath very mightily; simultaneously the extreme pressure of air from above sustains us on the earth.

What a marvelous system indeed this is! The earth has been rotating in two types of rotation at a time, one is on its own axis and the other is around the sun within its circumference and yet it does not generate any sort of noise at all. Let's have a look on the life cycle, what a marvelous being it is, that certain physical things get assembled into a body leading to the creation of the diverse created beings! One emerges to be a fish swimming in the water, the other is a bird flying in the sky and yet many other forms of the birds and mammals move on the earth, comprising even a created being that is known as man. The phenomenon of the human being like the stage by stage growth, the biological structure of his body, his various facial frames from person to person, different voices etc. All these add to nothing but the astonishment of the creation in the world. All these are so much marvelous designs that they are beyond the human verbalization.

For instance, if there prevails only day without the mechanized rotation of day and night, the scorching heat of the sun must have rendered the human comfort quite writhing and, on the contrary, if there prevails only night, the human cycle of earning must have been rendered calamitous.
If one considers the temperature of the sun, it is one crore and forty lacs degree centigrade having 109 times larger circumference as compared to the earth and its dimension is 3, 33000 times bigger than that of the earth. It has been kept nine crores and thirty lacs miles distant from the earth in order to sustain the viable balance on the earth between the extreme heat and the extreme cold.

Further more, isn't it an eye opening phenomenon for the mankind on the earth that there prevails a fit mechanism of the profound raining from the sky leading to the blossoming of the harvest, fruits, vegetations, orchards etc. that turns out, consequently, to be a source of sustenance of the mankind as well as the animals? Moreover, can it ever be an ‘Accident’ that the infinite sky has been brought into being consisting of numberless galaxies, planets as well as the allied celestial objects rotating with the perfect precision in its regularity? To add further, doesn't it stand to be a convincing argument for the mankind that this infinite universe has been brought into being by an omnipotent power that the celestial objects like stars etc. have been suspended by the crores of the miles off the human existence being subjected to the impeccable regularity thereof?

The well known scholar of Gujarat (India) respected Sachchidanand writes, ‘The universe and our body is a direct analogy. It comprises the planning, order, co-ordination and the consistency between the creation and destruction. Upon each step, one witnesses a definite design thereof. The more and the deeper one tries to decipher this universe, the more one gets the crystal idea regarding its creator, and this is not an assumption but an experience. Hence, if one is not influenced by the element of ‘Prejudices’, anyone can access to this experience in the life.

The creator is the greatest because each of his creations is the greatest. Though we cannot witness the creator but we can, of course, witness his creations before us. If one regards the creation to be imaginative or futile it will altogether eliminates nothing but the greatness of the creator Himself'. (Published in a Vernacular Daily “Sandesh” in Sunday Supplementary Edition, Dated 10/11/1991.)
Indeed, our conscious does dictate to us to the effect that each and every created being of this universe is very very stunning to our vision and frequently fillips on our conscious regarding the existence of the supreme creator of it. Hence, our inherent disposition cannot help but make us realize that this infinite, stunning and great universe can never be the consequence of an Accident at all.

An American Biologist Edward Luther writes, ' science has proved that this universe isn’t just from the beginning, but it doses have its ‘inception’ and as it is not just from the beginning, it cannot come into being by itself. Thus, directly or indirectly science has proved the existence of Almighty Allah. (Source: The Evidence of God, Page 51)

To substantiate the existence of the creator of this universe we do witness numberless
arguments in front of us and each of the arguments logically and rationally explains to us in support of the existence of the creator of the universe. On the contrary, do the atheists have any argument to support the absence of the creator of this universe? Can the assumptions and estimations ever stand to be the arguments?
Some of the 'So-Called Highly Intellectuals' even forward an argument that if this universe has been brought into being by God Almighty then who has brought into being the God Almighty Himself? To such a question of them, we can counter-question to them that if you regard the existence of this universe from the beginning, what's wrong on your part to regard the God-Almighty also to be from the beginning? Is it more logical to believe that the numerous elements of the universe are from beginning or that the sole Almighty Allah is from the beginning?
In reality, to deny the existence of the creator of the universe by the mankind in the world is nothing but the solid, convincing and the worst ever illustration of the arrogance, obstinacy and queerness of the human being. Not only that, it is tantamount to waging the war against the rationality of human conscious.


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