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To the word 'Existence', what can you think of? Gods, Aliens, or yourself?


Recently I always heard of the word 'Existence'

Suddenly I start thinking seriously: What is existence mean?

To the word 'Existence', what can you think of? Gods, Aliens, or yourself?

Common thoughs

If you tried to search the word 'Existence' in Google search engine, you will find that most of the search results are related to ETs , UFOs and Aliens.

The next most frequently occurred results is related to God. People keep searching for a proof of the existences for their believes and religion.

The third most commonly searched items are Human, Animals and Plants.

From this little research, it seems that people think that existency is related to something that we can feel, see, or heard from. Although ETs and UFO is cannot be felt, seen, or heard, we can still here a lot of gossips related to them,

To me...

To me, for the word 'Existence', I won't think of Gods. This is because I truely believe God are always protecting us, they truely exists. I can always feel them. I also trust the existences of Ghosts, because I have seen them before. Gods are always helping me. I never doubt the existence of Gods. So to me, the word 'Existences' is not going to trigger my thinking of Gods.

With the same reason, I won't think of human, animals, and plants. They are also so common to me, they are all around my living environment. If the word ' Existence' can trigger my thoughts on these, then I will think of the existence of myself too!

So what do you think?

So what do you think?

To the word 'Existence', what can you think of?

Leave me a comments and share your ideas!


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