Expectations, desires and wants. Do we have to let go of all of these to move past them?

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Expectations, desires, and wants can unbalance you into going forwards only in their direction. The solution then is to return yourself to a more balanced position.

How do you do this?

This writer is saying here that only love can do this for you. You must first accept life as it is, and then go on from there. Trust yourself to live from love, and love yourself enough to do this.

Wanting more is a trap that is so easily for most of us to fall into

Wanting something, or wanting anything to be different from what it is right now is not so much about expecting, or expectation. It is more often about not being able to fully accept where you are right now.

It's always about a lack of acceptance of what it is that you are getting currently. It is not accepting what is.

Why want more?

Your situation is always just being perfectly arranged for you just as it is right now.

This means that at any time, at any given moment, everything is being supplied to you, no more and no less than what you need it to be to enable you to be able to learn what you must learn right now from it within the optimum, or the best possible of ways.

Desires move you away from now. You become attached to a want of something that you think that you want, but which in fact you never do in fact need right now, otherwise you would have it already right now.

Expectations, if allowed to stay as merely a sort of faith and hope in an outcome, in your expecting of it to be so, is alright as long as the expectation does not get strapped up to a desire.

If it does this, your mind often then will lose faith in God.

God is the real giver who is behind all of this, and behind everything that takes place within every life.

If your mind takes over though, then the attachment to the desire will replace the former faith-based expectation to being merely then just held now within the sphere of your own mind's or ego's wanting of something that really in actual fact, you just do not really actually ever need right now at all.

If you can't let go of something, you will either have to lug it around behind you as a dead weight, or if you have hooked yourself too firmly to it, you will then be dragged along with it as if you have attached yourself to a speeding car by your being chained to its towbar with you being pulled along on your roller skates behind it then.

When you choose with your mind, you let go of any other free choices that you ever had.

This is the paradox of wanting, desiring, or carrying falsely over-inflated expectations in your mind. What you want binds you up in your own mind to it.

Never desert the faith in your heart to live in the desert of your mind

"A desert is a place without expectation."

This is a quote by the South African writer, Nadine Gordimer, (1923 to 2014).

Heaven is a place that exists for us if we have an expectation for it, and so align our lives while here on the Earth to that expectation. We live from the faith that Heaven exists, and that God is there waiting for us to enter his abode.

You are born not knowing who you really are as yet.
You're an unexpected visitor to yourself so far unset.
Until you get to know the real you this is true I expect.
The expected is unexpected if it's unexpected of you.
The uninspected is unaccepted when it's unexpected.

Wanting an outcome to be as you want it to be creates anxiety

"Kindness is the cause of all anxiety."

This quote is from the American writer, and psychiatrist, David D. Burns who wrote the best-selling book, "Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy".

Why on Earth would he assert something like this unless perhaps he himself has been burnt before by his being kind to someone?

Kindness itself never brings to you anxiety unless you are expecting some type of a reward for your being kind. Love someone unconditionally, and you will never be anxious about your doing so. You do not need any reasons to love someone.

A psychiatrist perhaps only just looks for reasons, and when you do this, you will always be anxious about whether you have found the right one, or not.

The expectation of wanting an outcome to be in a certain way, and the anxiety attached to this happening for you or not, is the non-acceptance of all the other possible outcomes.

You give up what you could really have for a narrowly routinely limiting view of God's real world.

You do not have to live this routinely mundane life though. You could be living a dynamically alive life living from the love that is within your heart, rather than from the desire for that love which your mind things is more important.

When you do this, you create a smaller world for yourself, which is containing your anxiety within it too.

You have effectively now reduced God's world from its full size.

You have allowed negativity to restrict your seeing of it as it really is. You are now looking through an artificially created lens of anxiety by your falsely applying it to the situation.

Stop looking at a glass darkly, and see it as it really is.

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known."

This timely advice comes to us from Saint Paul.

This is what he wrote in his letter to the Corinthians. It is to be found in chapter 13, verse 14, in the first book of Corinthians in the Christian bible.

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Nice post!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
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Nice post!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
21st Oct 2014 (#)

Nice post!

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Thanks for your triplet of appreciation Fern, too much of your wine?

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