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4 Years of university, 12 different housemates, countless interesting experiences.

Harmony vs Turmoil

I’ve lived with many people over the 4 years of my life as a student, and I’ve come to realise, no matter how hard you try, there’s always going to be some form of issue that pops up, some kind of problem that arises to destroy the harmony of any particular dwelling. I always find myself getting on with the people I live with for the majority of the time, but as I would come to realise, when living with people you don’t particularly know, there can be issues that arise. I guess when you bring people together who grew up in completely different areas there’s always going to be some form of dispute, just because of what you’re used to.

Flying the nest

The first house I lived in after moving away from home was a small, cosy little house that had newly been refurbished. The landlord kindly paid for the water bill as his son was also living in the house (no complaints here). One thing that I had to get used to was the lack of homeliness in this house. I’ve personally always been used to eating with my family, or whoever I’m with, so I was rather shocked by the experience of sitting alone each evening eating a solitary meal because my housemates preferred to do the same. Then there’s always going to be issues with cleaning- maybe somebody skips doing the washing up or doesn’t pay the bills on time.

Defcon 5 turmoil

The second year of my adventure at university saw me living with two friends from my class and a further friend of ours. Piece of cake, right? I would find out that even then there would be some form of dispute. It was great though, we did often eat together, the sort of communal dining experience that I was used to and more comfortable with. “What’s the problem?” You might ask. One of the issues this year would be relationships people had with others from outside our cosy little ‘family’ unit. Once again, the washing up issue arises, along with several others, but in times of stress any little thing can set off an explosion of built up tension.

Positivity in Austria

My third year was the most interesting; it was the first time I had lived in specific student accommodation rather than in a house. My apartment was one of two beds, a small kitchen and an obscenely orange bathroom. The two different flatmates that I had in each semester were very easy to get on with and we formed a good rapport (although I got on with my flatmate from the second semester much better before he was actually my flatmate!). All in all though, it was a generally calm experience.

My last student house

Final year has arrived and my current living arrangements has me staying with 4 girls who had also been abroad (one of them a long term friend who had also been in Austria with me). I couldn’t help but notice that a divide was forming from the word go, a sort of upstairs vs. downstairs divide. We quickly became confused at how the downstairs housemates got on with previous people they had lived with, as all of the aforementioned issues seem insignificant compared to the daily turmoil that evidently haunts our current housemates. Daily complaints about somebody leaving a hair in the microwave or a door being accidently left open to the point where one is apparently convinced that an elephant would just waltz in (on the southern coast of England no less!) At least I can find solace in the fact that I have an awesome time living with at least half of my housemates, so I guess this year is a win!

All in all

In short, I don’t think that every combination of housemates is entirely doomed to turmoil and arguments, nor do I think that there is a perfect combination of people who fit together so well that they would never argue. To be optimistic, I would rather just say that I have had my share of interesting experiences with housemates and look forward to yet more interesting experiences to come!


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
26th Feb 2013 (#)

An excellent write Ben .Thank you for sharing your experiences with us here. I hope all goes well for you in the future , wherever that may be .
Bless you

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author avatar Kingwell
3rd Mar 2013 (#)

Very interesting share. Thank you.

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