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This short story is about a Vampire who falls in love with his servant on a Saturday night.

A Lust for my Servant Part I(Vampires Storys)

It was April 19, 2011 around 3:00am I had just gotten home after a long night at the Jester; a night club that was half across town. And my servant was Still awake. She lived with me and in return she kept my house cleaned. I had notice she had a rip in the top of her shirt, wear you could see her nipple. It was the first time I seen one of those in awhile, I mean if you run a night club who has time to stop for fun. Anyways I could tell she couldn't notice because she was just well to tired, and very shy about her body even though she had the curves of one the hottest females I ever known. She was very well clothed most of the time, she always wore Long jeans, and a very conceivable T-shirt that covered her very well, but tonight she dressed kinda of different. Just by looking at her you could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. She had on this worn out tank-top; that had small holes hear and there, with these jeans that was so tight that when she bent over you could see the lips of her Virginia. I couldn't tell if she was wearing any under-wear. My guess probably not.

I approached her trying not to stare at her plumbed nipple, that was very visible. It wasn't hard as she wore a low cut top, that when you got close enough you could see almost her entire breast; She had well shaped breast that was nice and plumbed they kinda looked like a cantaloupe. Her shirt was so small that her breast almost lingered over her shirt but the shirt was just long enough to prevent that from happening.
She looked tired as she has done a day worked, I approached her she asked me, "Sir, is there anything else you need done?" I replied, " No, that is all Crystal" I tried to look away from her eyes, but it was like she had me under some sort of spell. I couldn't look away from her eyes. I mean She had the most prettiest eyes, they were Golden brown and just gorgeous see I have this thing for brown eyes. She then approached me closer, tripping into me I caught her, as so she looked up directly into my eyes, I could see down into her shirt directly now, as lingered just below me as I held on to her. We both stared at each other for a moment, her cheeks started to turn bright red as she looked into my eyes. I then quietly said, You have the must beautiful eyes I ever seen. She then stood up out of embarrassment, while looking at the ground. She said quickly "I have to go!" I grabbed her by the arm and said "wait." She looked at me, I lent down a bet, kissing her on her soft lips. She showed no hesitant in returning the kiss, and soon we were in a make-out session. I pinned her against the wall still kissing her, while doing so I took my left hand rubbing hear breast while moving my hand down her stomach were I kept it for a moment, with my right hand I held her arm against the wall. I slowly got closer to her click, teasing her such away she couldn't resist. I then slipped my hand in her pants rubbing her nice warm, and wet pussy. It was so wet and smoothed, you could see the wetness on the outside of her pants. She then grabbed on to my hard cock that was throbbing against her leg. She stroked it gently while it was still in my pants, then she slowly unzipped my pants, pulling it out rubbing it in way I never felt before. Her nice warm wet pussy was getting wetter by the second.... (To be continued)


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