Exquisite corpse. Part one

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This is the first part of an exquisite corpse. Should anyone wish to take part, you're welcome to write a corresponding piece.

Exquisite corpse. Part one

Their evening meal had been scarce since that bloody war had started. However, the four of them had sat around the table to eat, but glancing at each other in silence. Then, her mother and Julia had cleared everything.
'We'll soon have another bomb raid', her mother had said as she looked at her daughter washing the plates in the sink.
'As usual, mum, since this started.'
They had switched off the lights and they had wished each other good night.
'Good night, Julia. Don't forget your prayers. They might be of some comfort.'
'I won't. Good night mum.'
Julia shared a bedroom with her brothers and the two boys were already sleeping soundly unaware of what was going around.
Julia went into the dark bedroom. She put on her long, white night dress, brushed her auburn hair and slipped inside her bed.
She found it hard to fall asleep. Their meal had been small. It was an unsettled November night and the whistle would soon start to warn everyone in the city of another bomb raid.
Julia turned on one side and few minutes after, she turned on the other side. Her stomach continued roaring as though she had a hungry animal inside.
She tried to think of pleasant family moments. She visualized the farm where they used to spend their Summer vacation and the river where she had learned to swim, but, above all, she recalled when all of them sat by the log fire and their father read aloud stories from a book.
She tried to think of all those happy times, but her stomach, the rain slipping down the glass and that whistle wouldn't let her go into the land of dreams.
A first bomb fell in some part of the city. Then, another.
'Gosh! I wonder who's been the unlucky one to lose everything this time!'

To be continued by someone who wishes to partake in this exquisite corpse.
(C) Copyright. Vicky Pino. March 11th 2015.


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12th Mar 2015 (#)

This is a first part of the joint writing activity. Yvette will write a second part to publish here and I hope others will join in to write following parts. Such an activity should provide viewership for all of us.

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