"Extraordinary!” “What And Where Is Heaven And Hell?” (Mini-Series Part Five)

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Those whose leadership lends credence into the captivity of not One soul will find themselves Surrounded and “Protected” by the Peoples, “and militaries” they command. – Uthrania Seia Sentana-Ries Cortez

Introduction Into Heaven And Hell

Dear Ones and wise readers, we all have friends in both places because there are many who reside in hellish conditions upon this world and others by their own ignorance in accepting and protecting the general quota of the societal structure of religions. Coupled with an anti-paradisiacal economic system as set up by the Overlords of this world, the manufacturers and instigators and “positioners” and (petitioners) have over millennial manufactured a “hellish” lifestream upon us all. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Ye Ones MUST Begin To Understand!

Let us briefly recap: Telepathy is a universal grid. As telepathic beings you are on the “grid” dear Ones, of universal (paradisaical) tectonic (Hellion manufactured and controlled) life support.

At your inception you were formed from one tiny electrical vibration which multiplied into many. Inner sight, vibrational strains became music which you utilized for the transference of thoughts through feelings which are the result of electrical charge but we will get into that later. In adherence to all that you had been previously led to believe, the charge of weight upon the caliber of desire to be One with the Universal Chakra, fixated your very souls into believing and accepting information and teachings which held little to no effort in even coming close to understanding anything coherent much less realistic in all artful universal design made up of itself.

In other words, dear Ones, you have been duped, lied to and had your vibrations and minds capped off in various different ways.
No wonder all ye Ones seem to herewith understand of the moment in “time” as you also erroneously call your “event” of the moment in all calibers of sequence, are pretty brightly coloured and manufactured pictures, for you remember the colours coordinate with musical tonnage and because of that ye Ones are actually relying on your base preoccupation with your very beginnings of which no hand of God alone created but rather creation was an injunction begun by CAUSE AND EFFECT. Therein didst the universal principle of “Karmic” reaction come into play.

WHO Got The Drop On Ye All?!

A nice setting for a negative force to set up religions, set themselves up - as God(s), and put in place the design of the WSM (world stock market) utilizing the very sensors which brought about the workings of the electronic age of money laundering of the peoples primitive “wealth.”

while Others try to free them from the bondage of such slavery through the talents of their mouth. (Notation: The first two songs are the presentation)

For true wealth is not in a cash cow, as was attested by Moses on the foot of the Mount but rather the most exquisite wealth lies in untold riches in the design of freeing ye ones with the WISDOM you both need to learn how to crave as your daily diet and to well understand how ye Ones have been so severely duped. Good Day, Good Night, and Good Evening. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

What On Earth Are Ye Ones Doing?!

Deserting the Iraq War: US Soldier Seeks Political Asylum in Germany

Sacrifice of another human being either on a cross or in the battlefield or in a slaughterhouse all come from the same motive. That motive is power over the people. This power comes in the format of threats, deceptions, idle promises, and it is all “fear based.”

The strategy is the same. And when you get in the game there is no way out but by the wisdom of your forefathers and foremothers whose “temperance” and “power of ingenuity and agility” strikes at the very core essence of all those wayward and duped ones in order to bring all back into balance.

Protect and Defend does not mean Invade and Occupy.
For the west has long, yet not so long, been invaded and occupied, but not by the ones whom the invaders and occupiers of the west have invaded and occupied.

If You Are Living In Hell, Then What Are You Doing Defending It?


And here is the response, dear Ones, to such strategy of which the invaders and occupiers of the west have placed most deceptively upon the haunches of the unsuspecting and the innocent and the weak of heart; of the sadistic to fulfill their desires upon the innocent with no jail time nor repercussions:

"Take away their monies, their finances, and when you do you take away their potential to fulfill their dreams," just like the young man in the article who no longer could afford to better himself or his lot in life, save that, dear Ones, through the issuance of Military Academics which promise all he was wishing to attain.

But when you sell your soul to the wars dear ones, that is when you may well become their first feast.

“Come all to the table and work of your war(e)s for the feast of the blood of 'you, our, lambs' will be our very first course,

"and your flesh we will tack, likewise, upon our cross,

"and the bread and the water will flow over your house, over your soul, as you 'serve and defend' our meat and rake in the money of the nations, at the expense of your soul.

"But no sacrifice is too great,

"for your 'Lord on the Cross' who was 'also our sacrifice' though happened that way it did naught, but set us a precedence and we set up a “God” who was HU-man to be our sacrifice so each

"one of you would be proud to walk in his footsteps.

But you think of the cross and we knew you would bear it for us and you did, each one who 'died' a most cruel death - for we fooled you once more, so you would be led as lambs to our slaughter and the house we built for you is the same house we built for them, in other nations, other lands, using other tricks and deceptions upon their heads

"and all will see that one day will we mock the very name of their Semper Fidelis and into the grave with no name on the plate for they all have been the feast of the bankers of late!”

Think ye of all the “blood sacrifices” in this world which have been made the “reason” for war.

Think ye all and come into the realization that Semper Fi is what you joined up for to always remain faithful with no exception to “Protect and Defend” your country, your people, your Constitution as BASED on Dignity, Honor, and Pride in what you are doing and “not” to uphold the “Blood Sacrifice” of the “lambs.”

And who are the lambs, dear Ones, but the men and women and children, your brothers and sisters who came long ago from the starsystme along with each one of ye seedlings to live in peace among all other HUman beings.

Look behind your backs, gentlemen and ladies, for the cold calculated eyes of the singers of the deluge have modified your gain into true Manhood, ye Womanhood.

Ye women of the range, you Sergeants and all, powder away the dust of the lands for you have been in shortfall.

Blood and sacrifice will get you nowhere, Semper Fi, for you the common people are to once have been the tide between the good and the evil coming out of the land,

watch now who sacrifices whom and then Take Your Stand. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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Thank you, our good friend, Steve, for the moderation and the "Star." And the comment. "Thank you."

I prefer to stand alone on this portion, you understand, therein, is in this event, only my name.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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(Notation: On the collage Semper Fidelis I was unable to correct two spelling errors of mine own. Please forgive, Sirs, and Sirs. They are as follows:

1) "...middlemen exploitation of the oil industry and OPEC..."

2) "...with all Honor, Charity of Character..."

Thank you most kindly, Sirs!
- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. I wish a wonder filled day for you!

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Dear One, Nancy Czerwinski, you are "most kind" in your acclamation toward that of our combined work.

You are "good" and "wise" beyond your years and measure, and those, there are who wish Nottingham to fall on the people whose praise is indeed justified. The colonel once said that red ties and foreign boots on soil stifles the rapid incline of the barium, and success will then be well measured in tonnage rather than pipsqueak measures.

In other words, dear soul that you are, we wish only the best for the peoples of this earth though at times our strategic pleasure may seem otherwise.

Have, "likewise" a wonderful day and temper naught the acclaim!

We remain, dear Nancy,
your friends (smiles) and trust you are well?

The peoples of this world want to live in heaven and not hell.

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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