Face to face with the evil Lilith

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In the dark seductiveness of night, there she appears... WHAAAAAAA!!!!! It's the evil Lilith that seduced Osborn into a life of never-ending unhappiness and troubles!!! Away, you creature of the night!

Face to face with the evil Lilith

I'm in the Pine garden with Majesty at my feet, drinking a beautiful mug of coffee. I love this moment. Warm doggy against my legs, warm coffee in my hands, cold chill in the dusk air.

Majesty doesn't seem too happy though. Whenever he's walking, his tail is between his legs. I've seen that Spotty dog growling at him whenever he's near. Must be their petty doggy politics.

I decide we should go for a walk. It can only be a short walk, because obviously darkness is driving away the last light of day.

I go out the gate with Majesty and Bell, the latter a cross between a demon dog and Wolverine.

Suddenly, from the servant's eating space, appears this black woman with a black baby. The whites of their eyes contrast strongly with their dark faces.

She jumps in front of us, only to stop in her tracks. After a few moments I realise she must have thought we're someone else.

Woman with a baby.... Ohhhhh, this must be Osborn's worst nightmare of a woman that pester him all his life for money.

But wow, I must say, I didn't picture this. From the way Osborn demonized her, I was picturing some horrible monster from whose face evil itself radiates.

Instead, this is a beautiful young creature, almost still a child, small and petite and very pretty. I can understand why Osborn couldn't keep his schlong out of her.

"Do you know where Osborn is?", she asks me in English.

English??? What the fuck??? That does it. Knowing that she's that pest who tresspasses onto our property to keep bothering Osborn for money at any inconvenient time, and now being addressed in English when she knows full well we're just your plain good old Afrikaner Boer down-to-earth aristocrats who have our own proper language, make me want to tell her "oh you stupid, don't you know full well Osborn is avoiding you and you will not see him as long as you wait here? And get the hell off our property; it's night time and you can't sleep here!!!"

But instead, I just say "No I don't", and look around if I see the vehicles he gets around with. None are here so he's obviously driven away somewhere.

"Oh, okay then", she says, and off I go with the dogs on our walk. I'm just glad the demon dog didn't go ballistic and eat her and Osborn's child upon finding the intruders. Bell is so tame and the most beautiful creature I have seen, but it doesn't take much to make her turn into a demon and destroy to the death whatever triggers her.

Some time later, we return in the dark. As we walk up Tower Hill, I see a figure coming towards us. Now who is this?

In the dark, I didn't recognise her, but it's that woman again. She had tied the baby to her back with a blanket that goes around herself, which is why I didn't see the baby with her and didn't recognise her as the woman with the baby.

Wow, I must say, now that I see her without holding the baby, all I see is a very pretty young adolescent-looking child. It's really a pity that Osborn and her are having these fights.

"Going home then?", I ask her.

"Yes, I'm feeling cold now."

I was wondering how long she was going to stay out there in the cold, waiting for Osborn.

"He's probably taken somebody with the van", I say, referring to Osborn's side business of providing transport for clients.

Anyway, after a few such clumsy words, again in English unnecessarily, we go in opposite ways.

So, this is Osborn's evil Lilith. This little beautiful child and her baby.

Such a pity that their one night of passion turned into such hatred. I think she's just one beautiful little creature, whose genes made just as beautiful a baby.

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