Facebook Stalking: Now With More Possibilities!

Shawn E. Crapo By Shawn E. Crapo, 8th Mar 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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How Facebook made it even easier for people to stalk you.

In the Beginning

Like most people, I created a Facebook profile to stay in touch with friends and share photos, news, and other tidbits. What I didn't realize was that Facebook would gradually make my activity more accessible to those I had no desire to share with. At first, having a bit of privacy was easy. You just didn't post anything publicly. You could also tailor your posts to be viewed by certain lists of people.

It was pretty simple.

Good Old Fashioned Blocking

Eventually, with the influx of harassment and stalking, Facebook added a block feature. You could block people from sending you messages or even seeing your profile. This stopped your basic stalker, and everything was good. You could retain a small amount of privacy, and no one could see your stuff if you didn't want them to.

The Ticker

There was this annoying feature that would show up your profile. It was called "Recent Activity" and it detailed every comment you made on other peoples' posts, what you liked, and what games you played. Users united and signed petitions to have this feature removed, as it invaded your privacy and caused drama within your relationships. Facebook complied.

Sort of.

The Recent Activity feature was replaced by the Ticker. It's a little version of the Timeline that sits in the upper right hand corner and tells everybody the EXACT same stuff that Recent Activity did. Now, not only does it display everything you're doing, but makes it impossible to delete. At least the Recent Activity posts could be deleted.

Facebook eMail

Recently, Facebook added another annoying feature: the Facebook eMail. It is an eMail address based on your URL (eg. your.name1@facebook.com)

With this new feature, even people you have blocked can send you messages and harass you. Granted, most of the messages will go in your "Other" inbox until you see fit to mark them all as spam. This new feature makes it nearly impossible to be left alone.

I am seriously considering deleting my Facebook account because of all this. I seem to be a psycho magnet, and it's really hard to get exes to move on and leave you alone.

Secure Your Info

Be sure to make all of your contact information invisible. Your Facebook friends, if they really are your friends, already know your relevant info. If you're a friend collector, this is absolutely a necessity.

Never share anything publicly unless you truly want EVERYONE in the entire world to see it. Never comment on anything that's shared publicly (for the same reason.)

Just be safe, and don't place too much importance on anything you see on Facebook.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
8th Mar 2014 (#)

oh dear...the ignoble doings of technology!!!

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