Facts about Medical Research Writing

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How dedicated writers spend their time making an article.......

Facts about Medical Research Writing

Have you ever experienced writing an article; spend many hours reading books and researching on the web for additional medical facts or you have been writing for quite some time now and have a couple of published articles in your page, like in my case, had 50+ articles in my previous one and when you passed it off in a new site you are using. You will end up receiving feedbacks from the moderator that your article seems to be copied? I have received a message like that despite the fact that i have specified it in my note to the moderator and even have linked the page it had first appeared on.

In this article, maybe i just want to clarify some issues regarding medical facts and articles that you can find in sites that had been published and even in books. Articles may vary depends on every writer's point of view and how we can deliver each lines that they want their readers to understand, the easiest way we can. Research are done through hours of reading and constructing your drafts. It is not usually done with just copy-pasting routine, like somebody else presume or some layback writers do.

1. When it comes to health. You can never just write something up,you still have to cling to the medical terms that has been used all through out this time. But make sure you can make it simple; readable, and has clarity
2. When it comes to writing articles regarding health, you can never be hasty about anything, you have to consult several health/medical sites and in my case, read my old books in nursing.
3 Take time to read facts about your topic. We as writers educate our readers. It would look bad, if we are doing a copy-paste scheme and not learning anything our selves.
4. Anticipate comments. Sometimes, you will hit a certain topics that readers find interesting or you might have left some loopholes and there are questions left hanging.
5. When you do a research, any topic it may be, example a health condition. Try answering the Title; the signs and symptoms, causes, cure and prevention with clarity.

Sometimes, it is really frustrating when you feel a certain moderator did not really read your article. Never chewed the succinct of each lines. You just know they did not read it when you passed a k+ words and it only took them several seconds to finish it and send it back to you. But either way, there are some moderators that really pays close attention to the articles that they pick. Originality represents the writers mind. You can give 10 people the same topic and give them same sites and books to read as reference but how they deliver the output makes "the" and "a" lot of difference..


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16th Dec 2013 (#)

True although I write very careful medical article and it takes me far less time to research them - I guess that's what comes from writing what you know about....

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