Fading Away

Uranta Emmanuel By Uranta Emmanuel, 22nd Oct 2011 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This poem tries to depict the journey of man, his travails on the planet earth and the journey back to the source of all, from whence he emanated.

Going Home

We came into the world naked and alone
The sojourn of life to begin
The lessons of life to learn
The hurdles of life to scale

But man, must hearken to the voice within
He is the only teacher, the best of them all
Listen carefully, He speaks faintly but wisely
His words are soothing, his voice is full of love
The God within, the God of our realization

Through earth's journey we struggle
Many life crucibles we pass on our way to perfection
Getting hits, knocks, and bruises here and there
But stronger we become, as we pass each test of life.

Then, when the work is done and the morning comes
The man then, departs the house of clay
Like a mist, he rises higher and higher away
Fading out like the morning stars
that looses their heights in the morning sun.

Home sweet home here I come
with a heart of joy I approach my eternal abode
welcomed and embraced by the formless one
No more weeping, and no more tears

Eternal joy for those who acquit themselves
the gift of God without discrimination
when the deed is well and done
In this incarnation of our earthly journey.

Death so called is a necessary end
A beautiful experience from all indications, not to be feared.
Instead, to be understood and to be embraced.
For there is no other way, but the only gateway to heaven


Clay, Dead, Death, Depart, Earthly Plane, Eternity, Heaven, Home, Incarnation, Joy, Mist, Rapture, Stars, Sun

Meet the author

author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
Uranta Emmanuel is a social worker, a counselor, and presently works with the National Youth Service Corps in Abuja, Nigeria.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
23rd Oct 2011 (#)

Good poem. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
23rd Oct 2011 (#)

Thanks for creating time to read this.

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author avatar Hedy Rose
24th Oct 2011 (#)

beautifully said.

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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
24th Oct 2011 (#)

Thank you.

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author avatar Sheila Newton
24th Oct 2011 (#)

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Loved this. Should have had the star page.

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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
25th Oct 2011 (#)

Thank you so much.

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