Failed Farming

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Marzeus's sister, Elmarie, and her husband, have lived more than a year on Tower Hills. Their other business had died out, and so, Father helped them with millions to set up a partnership between them and him to set up a paprika plantation.

Failed Farming

Things started out well, and it looked like there were so many possibilities. Just so much can be done with paprika! Others have become millionaires from any pepper business. Peppers can be sold as whole bottled peppers, our ground up and be sold as spices, or sold fresh to the food industry.

The irrigation and setting up the industry on Tower Hills cost a few million. Pretty soon the plants were standing beautifully; however the weeds were a constant problem. Poison sprays weren't very effective for long, to the point that Father suspected a vendor had sold Elmarie's husband old expired weed poison.

Soon another problem reared its ugly head. It seemed Elmarie's husband Stingley didn't have his full attention devoted to the farming. Soon he had to take trips and was sometimes gone for weeks, and Casimir whom they had hired, and Osborn their employee, were supposed to run things here. Elmarie's husband and them were regularly in phone contact, but can farming really be run over the phone? Time would soon prove it can not.

What made Father really angry, was when the sale of the harvest, the climax, the deciding point of everything, the moment of truth, came. Stingley was not here!! He was off doing something else for days, claiming he had everything under control through his employees Casimir and Osborn whom he has regular phone contact with.

The harvest was a failure. It looked good when it was loaded to be transported, but where it arrived, it weighed far less according to the folks there. Of course Elmarie's husband would be held responsible since he's responsible for the business, but since he wasn't present he couldn't prove that he had actually seen what the weight of the load was. So he couldn't answer for it.

And when it became clear that things didn't go well enough to go on, on top of that first Elmarie then her husband revealed that they never wanted to come to Tower Hills to begin with. Elmarie wanted her two little boys to grow up with the family; that's why she wanted them to come. But now they want to leave.

So they did, angry because Father is unhappy with the dedication they've shown to the paprika business and nobody buying their defending arguments.

Such a huge investment of millions gone down the drain. Farming is a bugger.

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