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This poem was written for myself and others who suck when it comes to dating.

Love Challenge

Will I ever find love?
Will love ever find me?
All of the men around me
All of the men around me
Dead, shop up gone
Drugs kill themselves slowly
Homosexuality they cannot help who they love
The rest of the men that are left
Oh, they are not interested like that
They are interested in someone else better yet something else
They are married but the marriage is over
A marriage is just a piece of paper
Yet, you wait, months, years, days for this marriage to be
Over and it is not he is still with his wife.
You were a real-life version of his fantasy now his
Fantasy is fulfilled time for you to move on
Because he has with his wife.
Is there a good man out there for me?
Is there this honest trustworthy, satisfying relationship
A meaningful relationship that fits me
A relationship with no surprises
No extra girlfriends, no extra kids
No extra rap sheet, no extra friends
Everything he tells me is true, genuine
Real actuality but it’s not
It’s a lie or there’s a secret
One day they are single
The next day he has a girlfriend
Indecisive, unpredictable, unreliable
Untrustworthy, inconsiderate, selfish
Human beings, can a man like that love me
No he can’t. He can’t love himself to tell the truth
How’s he going to love me?
He couldn’t love himself to tell me he was married
How’s he going to love me?
He wouldn’t know love if it bit him in the butt
He can’t love me
He can’t love me
He can’t love me!
I can love me
I love me
Will I find someone to give the love I have for me
To give to someone else
Will I find love, real love, meaningful love
With someone else.
I will just continue to love me
If I don’t happen to find love
I’ll just have to continue to love me
For me, about me, with me
I have to continue to love me.


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