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One must be a failure to be successful. At times failing and rejection eats at us, and the strong who do not give in and preserver succeed. But in the dark road lays the evil that awaits for the weak, and take advantage of their pain. We must always remember, failing is a part of life and not give into the evil that thrives from our misery.


How dreadful is failing, dropped to the ground as if a sidewalk, where footsteps crush every partial of your dreams. The world all-around starts to fall apart; slowly everything begins to spin more and more. You can’t seem to see anything. Your eyes roll back and you grab your hair and start to scream “What is this that I just did, my whole life I have pursued a dream and all around me people are trying to step on me, reject my ideas, and not look into my eyes. What can I do, give up, let go, fall apart.”

Everything seem so somber, a dark veil is hanging low. Nothing is changing, every try leads to failure. What more can the world bring forth what else can she do, how long can she hold through. Like a starving flower, her petals have fallen from thirst. Every step forward to reach a water bridge leads to attempts that have failed. Either the troll below pushes her into the stream or drinks it all for her to have no more.

The world around consumes her smiles of sunny days and gives her dark clouds to prevent her from witnessing the sun’s rays. The pen declares it to be the end and all around they seek to destroy her in the end. As hard as she tries to walk forward her feet being to bleed her knees start getting weak, she losses all she seeks. Begins to give in, as she sees and easy way in. So far she has reached a broken stream; it may at least wet her lips even in sin, and give her a breath at least to live in. She could just give in, and allow her body to sin. Her insides twist as bloodthirsty parasites take over her. Her vision begins to deteriorate, she can’t see anymore. The ground seems shaky and giving up sound so comforting. The lonely road is breaking her from being free.
Her lost directions have led her to a form of grace, lost to the idea of taste. But rather fooled to satisfy his lustful grace. It is nothing more than a disgrace that toke her body and broke it, to stop all pace. His marks run deep on her skin, she screams some more. “Let me be free, let me live, leave me aloneeeee.”

The rain begins to drop, washing over her salted face; her bleeding legs begin to freeze. She screams but no one hears. He takes her in his arms and tells her to shut her eyes. Her body shivers as ice beings to penetrate deep in her skin, to reach a bloody stream. Slowly it crawls to her heart, as veins and arteries begin to stop circulation and the heart pumps harder, but can’t seem to wash out the frozen traps. The heart begins to beat remorselessly, she screams in pain. Inviting the insane hell to come forth and declare this world, nothing more than the gates of hells adore.

Beauty is the first to be consumed, than logic than kindness leading to utter distraction. Nothing is lead to be fixed but rather is continued to be destroyed. The hungry flesh eater takes the last bite and consumes her, leaving a dirty smile on his face and a full belly for the rest.


Failure, Failures, Pain, Pain Sorrow, Sad, Self Confidence, Self Help, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Help, Self-Improvement

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Life in beauty is a life worth looking into and pondering through the realms left untainted.

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author avatar Buzz
16th Nov 2011 (#)

Awesome poetic prose, Starr. Great read.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
19th Dec 2011 (#)

failure is the pillar of success..
Great work..

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