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Journey with Gary Cook through the outback of New Zealand on a hunt to film faeries.

the truth shall set us all free

the rainbow on the wall appeared Friday, July 31, 2015. it was caused by a glass pyramid but i had not seen one that big or persistent before. this rainbow on the wall above practically waited for me to get my camera and focus it.

this page is inspired by Gary Cook, whose film "Voices in the Forest" awakens magical memories.

toward the end of the film we see a clip of something unusual. i personally think they are zetas, they look like zetas. i do agree with what was said about big foot, but i do not believe that's what they are. yeti i have seen before in films are not glowing luminescent white, they're hairy and dark, also they do not stand around pointing and whispering. it appears to be two zetas discussing how much they should show the camera, while they are obviously posing they are fading in and out and the disagreement is causing friction which is movement of energy and it well, makes them glow. we glow too when we are animated by emotion. still, i've heard this clicking noise, i've also heard footsteps when nobody is there at 3 am in the garden next to my bed, footsteps of a two legged something, walking. too heavy to be a squirrel or a cat, not likely to be a bear. if i look to see the source of the clicking it's squirrels. but the squirrels don't sit like birds and make noise, they run, what were they running from that was clicking? there is never any foot stepping during daylight or when i am watching. for that matter, there is never any clicking when i have my camera out. until i get a film of it, i am going to assume the clicking is a bird i have not seen yet, but i have seen a variety of birds here in Oregon and i have to say none click.

i've not tried to photograph the faeries. meanwhile i've got rainbows, sunrise with more than one sun and maybe some orbs, that's pretty close. knowing others are around is enough for me at this point. lifting of the veil.

the film is beautifully photographed. Cook is a modern Merlin complete with white beard, staff and the inquiring mind that assumes remote viewing and psychic dowsing is common ground to anybody interested in filming faeries. i want to be him when i am his age.

a very poignant moment is a comment about how we all have psychic memories of being tortured for centuries just for telling the truth and particularly about these topics. we're all conditioned to be good Nazis. it has nothing to do with Germany or WW2 and everything to do with conformity and social control. our DNA remembers. our bodies remember pain, from lifetime to lifetime. my body remembers my parents' pain. theirs remembered their parents' pain, and so we carry it around with us now, trying not to look at what hurts.

as the veil lifts, we are digesting all the lies, abuses and suffering heaped not just on this one generation but on hundreds if not thousands of generations. there is a great sadness than i am the last one standing, there is nobody to share it with that began this journey with me. who will know what long and winding road it was indeed, what convoluted path to get to this point? how can this suffering ever be justified?

yet, there it is. Truth. Lie. Light. Dark. you choose. internet takes all of it, puts it in point-and-click format for nine ninety nine and says, here. watch if you want. go back to TV if you don't want.

some of us grew up believing in magic and never really swallowed that blue pill they kept handing out. we filled the prescription so the conformity police would not break our doors down and drag us off to FEMA camp, but we kept secretly believing in faeries, menahunes, leprechauns, little people, borrowers...because maybe just because we knew deep inside that it was not fiction. that this unmagical world is the fiction.

i believe i would like to see more of New Zealand Maori nature spirituality and people that look more like me (white hair, pot belly) my age, becoming One in a most beautiful non-dogmatic and magical way...the merging, it's not that they feel safe now it is that we see them as equals because we are finally mature enough spiritually to look around up and down and See, we don't know everything, we can't control much, the earth is not flat, we are not alone after all. when they see we See they rejoice!

from my collection of very recent beautifully strange photos...

the strange sunrise was taken with a hand-held red filter and the same camera that took the rainbow photo. it's either more than one sun, a lot of silent meteors, or orbs and suns. all i can say is it is not edited.


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author avatar NZ Citizen
1st Aug 2015 (#)

It's not fairyland you work for your living although writer/artist Lady Aiyanna lives there as Tinkerbell in Blue missing her Peter Pan.
While we do have the Lord of the Rings and enchanting natural beauty we are most certainly not Irish as the symbols you describe are essentially Wiccan.
Tinkerbell in Blue was made in Ghana by a 23 year old boy in 2011 and launched in the same year at a school concert in India while the artist lives in New Zealand but is a Birish Model with an American Accent who lost her philandering husband to the outbacks of Australia because of the free sex life propogation.
Now that is a commonality now and part of the NZ life which freely propagated it is the most conducive land for prostitution and with an average of 25 men per woman visiting a hole prior to marriage.
Economy is great but specialised skills have had issues within the IT segment.
It is peaceful though but know you life and discipline.
Am an NZ citizen and proud of it, although I hate to say it I hate their free sex culture which is essentially English with midnight lovers and all.

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author avatar NZ Citizen
1st Aug 2015 (#)

Btw www.facebook.com/ladyaiyanna1 is her site. She did us proud in the UK and is an upcoming artist set to turn the books of history her way as the worlds next Michael Jackson. Proud to be her fan and had the pride of meeting her in person yesterday over dinner too post her live performance.

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