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Finding out what my Best friend wanted and now has got done!!! A boob operation that is not needed really!!! But what am I to say!?? I'm blessed though... But not as perky though!!! :-(

Finding Out

So finding out from my best friend that she wanted to get her boobs enlarged, I wasn’t keen on the idea of her being bigger, fake or unnatural!!!
I mean, I’ve always loved how her chest was perky and well formed and my face would always be snuggled in them!!! And she would be the one who missed me doing it!!! LOL
But she was adamant and had been trying to get the cash together for it and has now got it sorted!!!
So she had 1 week left till she was going under the knife!!! :-S

Waiting Game

Once she had mentioned it to everyone that she was going to get ‘Blown Up’ it was nearly 7months till she could actually afford to get it done and booked 1 week before the actual operation…. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it happening… But I was supportive of my friend’s travels and always will be through thick and thin!!! :-D
So it got to the night before and I was out for a wedding and reception that night… she had a house warming party at her sisters house. No drink for 2days before the operation and she sort of enjoyed her first time out sober!! LOL But it was all good though as was getting nervous to be drinking really. And I was hoping things would go well for her.. Seeing all those bodged jobs on TV kind of worry me she could have same problem!!

So fingers were being chewed!!!

On The Day!

Now it was crunch time!!! She was going to text to everyone when she made it to the hospital and ready to get into the operating room… :-|
I had sent her messages on FB and text her before she had text everyone saying that she was going in!!!

Hoping and praying for her… she went in just after 11am……

The Day After

So the day after.. And was wondering if she was ok… hoping everything went well!! And sure enough, I got a text from my Best friend sayin she was out of hospital and home settling down… And wanted to know if I was staying over for the week after I have got booked off but I won’t be able to… think it’s so we can go out when she has settled down more and get unwrapped!!
But unable to change my dates ad having 3days of holidays left till January, I have to be careful with when I have them off… And sort of having problems booking odd days off ATM!! Long story really but will put in a nutshell.

I want a Fri n Mon off for a 4day weekend… And due to my supervisor hating me because I am not happy with things at work and went above his head, he doesn’t want me doing odd days again!! And its apparently ‘Unfair’ on others who want that week off due to me having the 1day, they cant have the whole week!! SAD!!! But the week I want the Mon, supervisor has booked the Wed – Fri off… So no – one else could have that week off anyway!!!!! So I could have those days off!!! No – one else had those days off… And boss sees why I shouldn’t have it off but no – one else has those days so she says I can… But he has been on holiday and is back now so will ask him to sign off on my holiday whether good or bad… and then will go to higher ranks find out why…

Sorry But Rubs Me Up That does!!

So you see that the days I do hav off or WANT to have off I have to fight for... And if he wants to be difficult... And carry on making me out to be the scape goat, He and the others can carry on!!! the boss has been seeing it happening and will put a stop to it!! If I left, they wouldn't have anyone to blame and would be blamed for things themselves!!! and look real bad on them then!!! LOL
Then I can be free of the headache and get on with my Holidays!!!



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