Fallen Angels

Gerry Legister By Gerry Legister, 31st Mar 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Long calls avoids disclosure of real name
they lost their estate, got thrown from heaven
and made to wander the empty realm.

thrown from heaven

The Stammer is love
Judgment calls the endangered species
With the voice is from above
That dares not speak of their noble name
Angels of God, entwined in warmth romance
Absent of passion burnt out flame,
Long calls avoids disclosure of real name
They lost their estate, got thrown from heaven
And made to wander the empty realm.
Once the sea of passion was full
Now a stranger voice late home
With excitement vapor that are dull
The voice Sound hesitantly misplace
Whispering foreign promises of comfort,
In twilight enraptured taste,
They fell to earth in the sea of love
The angels fell, all the princes came from hell.

No quarrel can mend what heaven first send
Lips and eyes confess deeper descend
Cruel betrayal broken dreams dress in pretense
Sparkling truth erupts in spreading fire
Acquainted with your inherited desire
Arousing passions silent watchers
Of other eyes looking through a milky window
Scented Candles Watching the fleeting snow
The hush in the wind with strange brute
As deathly it falls, Ambush without sound
Air aliens recognizing parachute
Quick to Icy ground to find a home

Night surrenders the moon
Fallen angels march upon foreign land,
Mankind captured their isolated gloom
Arrested chains reserve for another time,
Jobs and hobbies now eternally decline
Stillness of rebellion hides the funeral pine
Companion to fear and friend to despair
Deep sigh strengthen hearts bewildered cry
Raise the hopes you build and destroy
Emotions broken pieces bow to your knees
Burnt out pledges in prayer
If they wanted to pray it was too late
Send angels to Starts another fire
Mankind they befriended, but God they still hate,
Recalling fond memories falling on each other.


Fallen Angels, Fallen From Grace

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author avatar Gerry Legister
I am from the UK, and I love creative writing. And I write on many different subjects, including War peace, love, happiness.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
31st Mar 2013 (#)

He came to see me just like old time,
His handsome appearance filled with dirt and grime.
He was talking about the days gone by,
Hoping against hope he would make me cry.

Instead he listened and fell to feet,
For everything was told in open heat.
Do you love me cried to my mortal form,
Trying to get himself to now reform.

He was of feelings of past,
Showing the moments made to last.
Bringing in the rhythm as trophy prize,
His life and love now summarise.

It was when he began demanding the sentries did wake,
Showing the Universe in a crying lake.
For they were now trying to eliminate the Queen,
Who showed just everything was clean pristine.

Asking to take stand to move with him,
For she realised his greatest and only scheme.
He wanted to use her to harness the power,
All for the greatest one the love of Star.

They were unable him for he was hidden inside,
He tried her in question ask Michael she cried.
T'was his brother who knew everything so well,
Showing just everything needed to tell.

He silently showed her the way to go,
Felt just everything and in the know.
The sentries were fast asleep oblivious of Down,
Who had come to covet the wife of King in Crown.

She refused to meet him and sent him away,
He promised to come in just another day.
Then suddenly stopped short and kissed the Wife twice,
Tempting her with allusions to cat and mice.

That was the moment the King came in,
Showing he want to say from deep within.
He guided her safely as he began to chime,
It was the moment that showed the time.

For she was aware his presence was so real,
But in the Heavens it was calm and surreal.
He finally got asking to meet Creator himself,
To show the balance and in love to delve.

She said she would try but promised him not,
Sending back home not even sitting on cot.
For she knew her best friend and gave her hand,
Who blessed her with abundance from distant land.

He said all in goodness just for keep sake,
To have her as Queen is a chance he'll take.
She told she loved Michael and wouldn't give in,
Putting an end to the Web of Sin.

For now he is weakened crying out in love,
All for love of his brothers' Queen way up Above.
Breaking the silence in embarrassment he said,
Not to tell anyone it filled him with dread.

She knew instantly what it had done,
Proved to her Man he was second to none.
He cried in her bosom for hours that day,
Showing he loved her in just every way.

That was the moment they knew he would come,
Knowing she was awake and still pure and lonesome.
The beauty had hidden the important of Key,
That was the clue to the greatest of mystery.

His fallen Angels had entered into angelic realm,
The Queen and King adorned Sword and helm.
Sending them into the fire obliterated by far,
That was the end of the great shooting star.

Left with no trace his soul hidden to all,
As all of them bow and in tears now fall.
The Son has arisen and taken charge of Queen,
In the Love of the Universe that is Clean pristine.

He scribes for her daily and tags her with pride,
Knowing fully well she is a mother inside.
Who holds him in reverence and love so true,
Protecting him happily in the Universal imbue.

Now the beauty has arisen collapsing the dark,
All for love of the greatest sky lark.
For that was the only soul that intrigued him,
And he wanted him to annex part of his scheme.

She stood up for him and took the hate,
Sitting up to complete it till very late.
Just for the world now to live in peace,
Seeing all the hate now in all suddenness decrease.

For the love and romance began to shine,
Bringing in everything into a line.
For it was the moment the Creator came to say,
You have come home a long way.

Showing he was collapsing in shock,
As they came silently to turn the lock.
Breaking the covenant that was in store,
By trying the uninvited door.

Being sent back to the source,
Devoid the power and resource.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
31st Mar 2013 (#)

For Creation obliterated all darkness,
All the fallen angels fell into the fiery abyss.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 1st April 2013

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
31st Mar 2013 (#)

For Creation obliterated all darkness,
All the fallen angels fell into the fiery abyss.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 1st April 2013

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