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writtin raps is what I do, trying to be famous one day may take time and effort


popularity is to achieve greatness but not to lose clarity
The soul of mind is lost and distorted
Its like getting deported, but not even leaving
Thoughts are seeping out of my mind
I think its fine but its not
I cant even walk a block without losing thought
What have I become man? I don't understand
Its like im 5 again, I cant even write
Yet despite everything I've been through
I can still make it through and produce rhymes
Rapping bout hard times, spittin hardcore line
Ripping the vines off and setting myself free
Incredible hulk bitch, you know me
The fame blows me, but I wont let it hurt
Imma spit till im sore and I've dealt my worth
Which is till im old and down in the dirt

Flashes make it feel like im in a cell at night
With nothing but me, myself and a fucking strobe light
Im not your prisoner, but you capture me in time
Plaster me, that's fine, but imam still do my style
Make it worth while, im only in it for me
Too bad I didn't see the repercussions
Im not fussin but seriously man im buzzin
Im high off the pressure, Im stressin
I may have the blessing, but at least you have the curse
cause nothings worse than always being put first
having everyone watch you make a bad move
That's what they do, no matter if you're white, black or blue
But I stay true, I mean what's it to you?
Man I don't even care no more
My life isn't yours, but you treat it like a door
Come in when im high up but leave when im down low
That's fucked up, but that's life in my shoes bro

What's the different between a girl and a women?
One does what there told while the other takes a stand
Im chewing on this shit like cand...yyy
Don't control me, don't act like you fucking know me
You don't have a camera and a couple of my singles
Cracking this shit like pringles, next day im local
Magnifying my mistakes like bifocals
Im sorry, I didn't know I couldn't make mistakes
live life as it should dawg


Being Famous, Making Music, Staying Strong For What The Future May Bring

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I started writting when i was a kid, im now almost 23.Any advice to be better would be bentifical.

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author avatar Retired
24th Mar 2014 (#)

Thank you for following me. Great post.

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author avatar carly135
24th Mar 2014 (#)


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Mar 2014 (#)

wow carly...is this some anger coming through...I wish I could have written such like when I was your age...it is a great way of releasing....

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author avatar carly135
24th Mar 2014 (#)

Thanks !

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