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We had a little family outing on the fifth day of my fiance's alcohol detox.

Just A Normal Morning

Last night I told you that I wanted to carve a pumpkin because I hadn't done that in years. You laughed at me and said, "We'll get one tomorrow." When we got out of bed, you weren't feeling very well so I just let you lay on the couch and sleep. I didn't want to push you to do too much. I didn't want to cause you to have a setback so I just waited. I took care of our son and cleaned a little around the house. I got all of my work done and put the baby down for a nap. You were showered by the time I came out of his room. So after showering and getting ready, we waited for the little guy to wake up. We were both starving so of course, he took a 3 hour nap. We were just fiddled around and talked. When he finally got up, I tried to feed him lunch but he wasn't that hungry so we decided to head out on our search for the perfect pumpkin. It felt like a normal morning in a normal household.


Our search for the perfect pumpkin did not go as planned. We decided to go to the dollar store to get the carving kit and buy an awesome pumpkin from the little farmer's market stand that is always set up next to the store. Of course, the little farmer's market wasn't open and the dollar store was sold out of carving kits. So we headed to the Chinese place and placed our take out order. We went to Kmart because we figured they would have everything that we needed. After searching for what seemed like forever, we finally found the carving kit, but they were sold out of pumpkins. We bought a lot of candy, the carving kit and trick or treat bucket for our son. I was starting to get nervous at this point. I didn't want you to get overloaded and frustrated.


We picked up our Chinese and headed to the last store. If Kroger didn't have pumpkins, then we were just going to head home and forget about pumpkin carving. Lucky for me, Kroger did have pumpkins. Huge pumpkins that were perfect for carving! The day turned out so well. There was no alcohol. I didn't have to fear that you would get a DUI or we would get in an accident. I didn't have to wait for you to sober up in order for us to leave the house. And you didn't change your mind about leaving the house. It was such a wonderful change from what had become our normal. I wonder how long it will last...


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