Family birthday bash

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Mother has a cold and can't come along, but Father and I will go to Auntie Saffy's family gathering in the Johannesburg area. Auntie Saffy's 90th birthday was on Thursday, and her... not sure if it's her daughter or whom, but that person is also having a 55th birthday today.

Family birthday bash

First of course, Father goes to church in Voortrekkerdorp this morning. I mention that I might go to Mcdonald's while he's attending the service.

Just when he's walked off to go into the church, Mother pulls in with her car alongside ours. Mother came to play the organ, sick as she is, and then she'll go back home with her car.

I mention to her that I might go to Gamestores, because there's a camera there I might buy.

Mother of course first tries to convince me to come into the service with them. She always tries, even though I haven't gone to church in years and years. It's a shame really because that's one thing we can't agree on and it's icky when she brings it up again and again.

I drive off to Gamestores and buy the video camera I had seen there. It's a JVC and JVC doesn't have a good reputation as far as quality is concerned, but the features for the price seem right to me. Not sure if it's a special offer or what but I buy it for R2,200 and think it'll be good for doing aerial shots with - there's a rather big radio-controlled helicopter at a Chinese store I want to buy, and I want to do an experiment of attaching a very light video camera to such a helicopter and see what the resulting aerial shots would be like. This HD camera I just bought feels light enough for it. But who knows, maybe my experiment won't work but we'll see.

Afterwards I wonder if I should go have breakfast at Mcdonalds, but I somehow don't feel like it now so I just back to church and wait for Father to come out. When he does he asks me if I went to Mcdonalds then but I tell him no.

After a very long drive we arrive at the house where the party is being held. Father and Mother have been here before, and totally swooned over the place. From the way they carried on, it sounded like this is a huge palace unchallenged in beauty and impressiveness by any other building on earth.

Personally though, although I can see it's big and beautiful, perhaps it's not all Father and Mother made it out to be. It's just a very nice place, a big house, but not something insane or anything.

What does strike me when we go inside the foyer though is the reverb. It sounds like those big office building foyers where because every surface is hard, like marble or steel, you can almost not carry on a conversation because everything you say reverbs quite a lot. My first impression was that I don't like how the place sounds. A bit cold and hard.

But, I soon like the place. I especially like the clear glass dome high up that makes the ceiling for the foyer. And underneath, two staircases go up to their personal bedrooms I assume, and underneath them we walk on to the social area.

Their social area has glass panel doors around on three sides, that look out on a pool that overflows its rims, and beyond that is a fantastic eagle eye view from high up here. I didn't even realize we had been driving uphill or anything, but from this view it looks like we are on top of a mountain looking way down on the valley that is the Johannesburg area.

At first when we greet the people, I feel a little silly - I never even enquired beforehand exactly what it is we're celebrating. I was assuming Aunty Saffy's 90th birthday, but when I just plain ask her and Father, I find out that today is actually the birthday of her daughter Bell, but also the party has a dual purpose of also being for Aunty Saffy's 90th birthday.

Aunty Saffy is actually having six different parties with different groups of friends and relatives and people, and today is the third one if I recall correctly.

Bell asks me if I would like to sit at the table with the old people, or at the table with the young people. There's place at both tables, she says.

I decide I'll sit with the young people, although later I wonder about my decision when I find that young people's conversation might be sounding a bit silly to me now. I like it also, but sometimes it seems they still have a lot of growing up to do. Still, we have a good time eating our meal together.

Then, we go sit on the couches to listen to Uncle Dawsy's speech. Uncle Dawsy is also way into his 90's and last time we saw him, he could barely speak or seem to have strength left for life. Today, he seems strong though, like a completely different person who can carry on another 50 years. Later I would find out it's because of some treatment that worked really well for him.

After a long party of about 4 hours, we finally all say our goodbyes and drive off. I must say I enjoyed the day of getting out immensely, even though I was so tired for most of it. Perhaps I didn't sleep as much as I should have last night, coupled with all the red wine I drank at this party. I was half asleep through the second half of it but carried on. They must think I have some kind of power tapping disease or something.

Tonight as we drive back, Father asks me what still excites me. I say my online movie project. He asks me why. I don't know. He insists I think why. I try to answer him but seriously, I don't even know why I like that project anymore. It doesn't pay big bucks or anytyhing. And yet, I like doing it. It's what I still love about life.

At home, Mother waits for the pizza we picked up on our way back. She asks me if I bought something from Gamestores this morning then.

I tell her about my camera. It is smaller than the one I had, and has a bigger zoom range. I don't get to the part where I tell her about my ambitions of letting this camera fly on a radio-controlled helicopter, because Father interjects his objection about my again telling my mother things that I don't tell him. He says friends don't do that. He's asking me why I hid it from him.

What in blazes? I didn't hide anything from him. It just didn't come up in our conversation. He says he did ask me if I went to Mcdonalds and I never told him I went to Gamestores and bought myself a camera.

Well, I don't see what the big deal is but Father is unhappy about it. I don't see why but whatever I guess, things went as they went now.

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