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Family life may be peaceful if both the partners respect each other, mutually understand each other.Under no circumstances can they be separated if untoward situation situations are developed. Both the husband and wife may be more careful about their sweet relationships as soon as they become father and mother..

What is family?

Family is an unit of husband ,wife, either son or daughter or both sons and daughters..Family life is the most peaceful life where husband and wife are mutually understanding,co-operative .Both of them love each other,respect each other.Family life can be set up through love marriage or through negotiable marriage. If the husband and wife hails from the families of equal background, it is generally observed that both the husband and wife have same level of understanding and there is no difference of opinion on any family issues.If the families are settled on equal footing,they can settle their scores amicably without any help whatsoever from any corner . The financial condition of the family life is so helpful in stabilising the family.If it is disturbed ,then the family life may be destabilised aynd various legal issues like maintenance,divorce are cropped up. Family tensions generate and neither of the parties bow down each other to amicably settle their disputes, even the intervention of the parents or elderly relatives becomes unwarranted .Either of the partners go to the law-enforcing agencies to redress their grievances. The law-enforcing agencies take quick action in the matter. As a result the family unity is on the verge of dissolution. Both the partners are getting frustrated over the long drawn time-consuming affairs. If the family remains peaceful and there arises no discomfort between them, the sons and daughters grow up in a happy peaceful environment. The sons and daughters become hale and hearty . It is also observed that if the family has no issue,family discord are noticed significantely

Difference between joint family and single family

Family life may be classified into joint family life and single family life,Both the system of family life have great advantages and disadvantages.The single family system has great disadvantages if it faces family crisis like serious road accidents.emergency health issues etc. It is really difficult to manage the situation ,It may so happen that a few friends and relatives may come forward to tide over the family crisis. But in case of joint family life, such difficulties may be overcome with ease. No tensions generate over such incidents. The single family unit can manage the family in a decent way Husband and wife can control their sons and daughters in their own style. There is none from outside can influence them.But in a joint family.the sons and daughters have more freedom than those in the single family. They become more matured than those in the single family.

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