Farm attack foiled

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Some time in the morning, a farm attack occurs on a neighbouring farm belonging to Danny Bascal. Five black men attack Danny with guns, one of the attackers being someone who used to work for him.

Farm attack foiled

But something goes wrong, and for some reason the attackers can't sort out how to fire their guns right. This gives Danny precious moments to get his own gun out and defend himself. He mangages to shoot one of the attackers through the arm, but unfortunately not only doesn't kill the attackers; he doesn't even wound any others.

This of course leaves them free to come back to finish the job any time they so wish.

Police manage to catch two of the attackers, and their helicopter along with Father and Osborn in one of Father's flying craft search frantically from the air for the attackers. They don't find them.

Petros comes to the door of Lordly House, and when I open I see he has this huge automatic rifle. Apparently when he heard of the story, he heard that the attackers are just around here somewhere in the bushes. They did flee in this direction.

He tells me the story very seriously, and tell me to get my gun ready.

However, my intuition says we won't see any more of the action here.

But Petros did scare Krassy our maid, who saw Petros walk around the house with such a fearsome weapon. Luckily Osborn filled her in afterwards on what's happening.

Indeed, we never do get to see the attackers. Three of them were captured in the end. Two are still at large and will probably remain that way.

It's a good thing this is one farm attack that didn't end with the farmers killed in the most sadistic fashion, as is usually the conclusion of farm attacks.

In general farm attacks and farm murders are committed by far left wing ANC filth who in their Marxist madness are still under the delusion that farmers are land owners and therefore evil, and in casually "good" conscience can and should be killed bolshevick style systematically and constantly, which means as much torture and sadism needs to and do go into the act of murder of the farmers and their families and workers as possible.

Thousands of farmers have been killed over the last 20 years of ANC rule in such gruesome ways that will give Stephen King an orgasm.

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