Fascination with Tower Mansion

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One night I'm sitting on the sofa in the living room of Tower Mansion. Suddenly I get this urge to wish I could travel back in time and see how Tower Mansion came about.

And what do you know, suddenly it's like the place just speaks to me and I can make out its history.

Fascination with Tower Mansion

I get up and investigate. I've known this place for 30 years, but suddenly it's like I'm discovering a new place, and it excites me overtly.

There are some giveaways as to the place's history: Which walls are double bricked (indicates a likely outside wall) and which single bricked (usually inside wall); those old fashioned ventilation holes they made in the wall (indicating that the wall was facing the outdoors); indoor windows that look like outside windows but are now indoors (indicating that such a wall used to face outside but have later had rooms added against it and now such a window is indoors); old door frames, some of which now have no doors in them; and seams in the building itself.

Oh wow, once I got started, the story just comes to me.

It would appear Tower Mansion long ago started out as just a rectangular building with an iron frame glass double door, encompassing only what is now the hallway, two bedrooms and the main bedroom. Seems the place started out small and simple.

I don't think the room divisions have been done the same way back then though, because that would mean one would come in the front door and stop dead right against the hallway wall of the rooms. Most likely the rooms were built as they are later.

Then, another long part was added, making the rectangular shape of the original place a much longer rectangular shape. However, it seems the extention was up to another building that had meanwhile been erected close to Tower Mansion (or rather Tower House still), which was first built right up against, and then later completely encompassed inside the bigger Tower Mansion by the addition of new outside walls.

Then, two South facing wings were added, and probably not long after, an East facing wing. I take it the three wings weren't added with too much time apart, because the exterior decoration looks exactly the same on all three.

Well, with the two South facing wings facing in the same direction, somebody thought the space inbetween them could be roofed over and walled in at the front with rocks, expanding Tower Mansion's indoor floorspace even more.

And then on the one side, the roof could be made to overlap and then a wall could be built, making a long room all along that side of what was now big enough to be called a mansion.

I also suspect that another building might also have been swallowed up on the South East side, because there is what appears to have been an outside wall, walled in by what obviously used to be a later outside wall, and there are these strange shapes and turns and angles in the indoor walls, which indicates to me that this isn't a logical architectural design but instead what it looks like when an existing building is being swallowed up by an expansion of another, and some funny walls are added and some removed in order to incorporate the one building inside the other.

At some point Lordly House and the garages were also added, although not right up against Tower Mansion.

Not sure when or what for the tower was added.

And then of course in Father's young days, he added much more buildings and a tennis court, and for their retirement, they added the West Wing to Tower Mansion, for Mother and him to retire in.

And viola! We sit with Tower Mansion, a wonderful, spectacular place, which I call home.

Next day, Mr. Specter and Osborn are cleaning inside Tower Mansion, and I ask Mr. Specter how much he knows about Tower Mansion's development.

He says he came here in 1977. And he confirms a lot of what I said, except the parts that were before his time. Those of course he doens't know about. But he did see the previous owner add the East Wing, and a few other renovations he also saw.

Well, suddenly this place feels new to me, and I love it even more, although it's just the same old place but now it has a new history. I love it.

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