Fat people may suffer from brain malfunctions

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Well I posted before about my fat brother Petros' escapades and ridiculous thinking. Here's a new dose:

Fat people may suffer from brain malfunctions

Last night, he keeps on telling me about how he has control over his fatness. Which of course is a lie.

He tells me it's only been in the last 3 years that he got fat because he took a college course and was sitting down a lot.

I tell him it's a lie. He's been fat for years.

He then changes the 3 years to 4 years.

It is here where he uses a phraze that stunned me: "I went from a bodybuilder body to fat..."

I was stunned. The truth is, he's been fat since 1998.

And he's not joking. He seriously believes he has had the body of a bodybuilder until just the other day when he took on a couple of pounds.

The "couple of pounds" of course is more like 5 tons of fat.

I advised him to take some photographs of himself, because obviously he's seeing a very, very, very distorted image in the mirror.

Anyway, the whole thing just hit me like a huge revelation of sorts: He really, really does not know that he's been fat for 20 years. He doesn't understand that we've all been seeing him as a fat person for as long as we remember, because honestly he has been fat and getting fatter all the time.

"Bodybuilder body".... Geeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz!!!! I repeat, he was serious about it.

I think one's own body image may actually be very, very far removed from reality.

But I suppose I'm just lucky I'm not dillusional in this way. I used to be an actor and saw myself on video many, many times, so I knew what I really look like. And yes, to myself the image on video of myself looked quite different to what I saw directly in the mirror. I could see when I was out of shape, in shape, looking healthy or unhealthy, looking tired or fresh.

So I adjusted early on in life to try to see what's actually there, instead of being deluded by what I'd like to see or what people have planted in my head to see.

I'm afraid my fat brother is still not there. He's still clinging to denial.

But I think slowly but surely something is starting to sink in.

No wonder he has never gotten his fatness under control, because he can't see it like we can.

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25th Oct 2015 (#)

Not all fat people suffer from brain malfunctions I'm fat and I know what I look like Burt of course I am losing weight. I have compared what I weighed six months ago to what I weighed a few weeks ago and found that I lost 22 pounds

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