Father’s Help. R.K.Narayan Story Reintroduced

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Children are very reluctant to go school due to various reasons, especially on Monday mornings. They will find many excellent reasons for not going to school, which are not new to us as we all had taken out the same excuses in our childhood days to evade going to school. But it is good to be very sympathetic and considerate to them in their little problems which to them are big. Who knows whether they would be having big genuine problems in school or not?

A tale from the banks of the vanished and imaginary Sarayoo River.

R.K.Narayan is a famous novelist and short-story writer from India. Many of his stories are pictured to be happening in the Malgudi District in South India which never existed. These stories became famous as the Malgudi Stories. Malgudi is an imaginary district situated on the banks of the imaginary Sarayoo River. It is widely believed that this Sarayoo River made its appearance on this earth from the heaven and in the middle of forgotten ages decided to disappear below ground. The scientists and explorers did try to prove the once-existence of this mythical river. R.K.Narayam's Malgudi District stories are in this respect identical to Thomas Hardy's Wessex County novels. Narayan's style is simple, lucid and humorous. Narayan's father's name was Krishnaswami Iyer of Rasipuram in Tamil Nadu, who was a provincial school headmaster. His brother R.K.Laxman also is a renowned cartoonist..

Would anyone enter the mind of children going to school unwillingly after protestation?

The South Indian boy Swami is reluctant to go to school on Mondays as boys everywhere are, which is a universal phenomenon. He told his mother that he cannot go to school that day because he had a headache, which also is universal. Going in a Jutka (cart) will only make things worse. Moreover, he had no important lessons for that day. He convinced his mother who was very easy to be convinced as mothers everywhere are, but his father was a very stubborn person. He lied to his father that Samuel teacher would beat him mercilessly if he went to class late and that it was very late to go to school already. The teacher was a very violent man who would cut him to pieces with a cane and twist his ears. He also told his father a few false stories about Samuel teacher's cruelty to children. His father became such furious that he wrote a very lengthy letter to the Headmaster which would bring Samuel teacher's sure punishment and eventual dismissal from service. Thus Swami was forced to attend school that day with this letter.

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