Father dear Father

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Parents play such an important role in life. Acknowledge and value their contributions in your life while they're still around and feel blessed in their presence!

Father dear Father

All of us were around his bed .The monitor was flashing a dipped BP, the curves on the screen were struggling to go straight. His eyes were somewhat moist, his body was on ventilator support and we all were aware there wasn’t much hope. He was unconscious but we all felt he was listening to us , his face was peaceful as if telling us to stay calm, composed and blessed in life. We all were praying to God to give him back to us for a little more time but an inner voice said, no, he’s suffering…let him go.

We called him Papaji. I distinctly remember my childhood days when I was down with fever, he would drag his chair next to my bed and read his homeopathic book till I was up . He kept an hourly check on my fever and even jotted the thermometer reading in his diary. By God’s grace and Papaji’s precautious ways , none of us had any prolonged illness . He gave us those sweet pills of homeopathy at the first sight of a symptom of flu or infection.

When my sister could not understand a novel included in her syllabus, she would give it to Papaji for reading and then he would take her on a long walk to discuss the novel. He inculcated good values in us, kept a good track of our needs and gave precedence to our needs while spending money. He believed in looking at good side of things, he wasn’t a bit pretentious; he loved to call a spade – a spade. He loved to give a helping hand to others. He did not take help though , perhaps he had taken enough of it in childhood when destiny took away his dad from him at a very young age. He had learnt to balance the equation. He had started earning a living at fourteen and was his own and our support system till the day he had a brainstroke. At that point of time I repeatedly questioned God- Why him?

My dad was named ‘Satpal’ by his parents which means ‘Protector of truth’. His name was true to his actions. He never lied, his actions and words didn’t betray each other. He was a great singer- an artist at heart. He was an organized person, he folded the news paper just the right way after reading it! He did ‘nt mind doing things himself. Sometimes he would even clean his utensils when he saw that mom was tired or there were too many utensils in the sink for the maid. He believed in the ‘karma’ theory and knew that bad actions always take a u turn. He wanted to be rich but there was no greed for money. He wanted to travel but didn’t have time and resources most of his life. He bought new clothes for all the kids on their respective birthdays but his own wardrobe had many unused hangers. His own priorities never materialized and we, kids ,understood his sacrifices a bit too late. Parenthood made us look back and acknowledge those innumerable gestures of affection which tend to fade away with time.

My mom was Papaji’s strength. He always introduced her as his better half. Mom also took pride in him, they had a beautiful life together. Their relationship was wonderful. We fondly remember the perfect coordination between them in tackling day to day activites. Mom’s wish was Papaji’s command and vice-versa.
Papaji was bed ridden for almost thirteen years after he had a brain stroke. We all saw how mom took care of him in spite of the fact that her own body had started acting up. Nevertheless, they had their own moments of joy and trifles. There were endless days of frustration and helplessness when their bodies refused to obey and things became bad to worse to cope with.

Today Papaji is no more with us. But we don’t mourn his death, we celebrate his life. We remember all his strengths and try to imbibe them . His footprints are deep inside our souls and his values are our values. We remember him for all his goodness. We all know wherever he is now….he is still blessing us.


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author avatar Karunita kapoor
8th Apr 2014 (#)

You took me down the memory lane.Superb read.God bless.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
11th Apr 2014 (#)

wonderful...I held my Dad's hand as he passed over but he is always with me...thank you for a lovely piece..

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author avatar ritzwitz
11th Apr 2014 (#)

Thanks Carolina. Stay blessed!

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