Father's 4x4 vehicle a total loss

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Mother suddenly calls me where I am sitting on the sofa in our Nautical Rock apartment. She sounds like she just received death news.

I make my way over to her in her chambers. She's crying into her hands with the phone in front of her on the bed.

Now what in blazes could be all this shocking?

"Father and Petros have just rolled with the car!", she screams in a breathy voice of absolute shock. "While I was talking to Father on the phone!!!"

Father's 4x4 vehicle a total loss

Mother is in total shock on the bed, crying into her hands. She tells me that she was just on the phone with Father, and Father's last words were to Petros in the driving seat:

"Slowly Petros! Slowly Petros!!!! SLOWLY!!!!!!!!"

Followed by this to Mother:

"And there Petros has just flipped the car over!"

And then Father no longer talked.

Mother's beyond herself with shock, thinking the worst.

I take her phone, saying "Let's find out what's going on over there."

At first, Father doesn't answer his phone, and we lose hope.

Then, Mother's phone rings and it's Father calling. I answer but hear only what sounds like Father's phone rubbing on something, probably his clothing. I decide to hang on for a bit until somebody says something.

Finally Father must have looked on his phone and remembered that he had called, probably having forgotten looking at the damage over there.

Father is fuming mad and paralyzed with anger and shock, and tells me how that Petros character was a disobedient douche again and just kept pushing the speed limit until he was just much too fast and then physics stepped in and the result was that the 4x4 went flying off of the trailer.

I tell Father that perhaps he should just talk to Mother first, because Mother has had quite a fright and might enjoy hearing his voice.

Mother and Father talk a bit on the phone and afterwards Mother can clue me in.

It's not the 4x4 they were travelling in that flipped over, as Mother had first thought. It's the one on the trailer that went flying off and rolled over the road and then fell upright again.

It would appear Petros just went much too fast and then on a decline in the road, the whole setup began to snake from one side to the other, first on the right wheels and then on the left wheels in turn, and then even though the broken 4x4 was tied to the trailer, it finally broke free and went rolling across the highway straight towards oncoming traffic.

The 4x4 coming off the trailer must have made the trailer shoot into the opposite direction and into the other 4x4, because somehow the left hind wheel of the 4x4 Father and Petros were travelling in also got damage on it.

Well, there Father and Petros are now, not sure what to do, but they need to remove the wreckage from the road.

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