Father's flying craft starts up for the first time

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One night, Father comes to see me in the living room. He asks that I bring my video camera with me tomorrow and come film him at Tower Hills airport. So, the next day I'm there.

Father's flying craft starts up for the first time

This is the first time the engine of the flying contraption Osborn, Uncle Gus and Father have been building, will be started.

Antoher aerotravel expert also comes to come do an inspection of Father's handiwork. There are a few things that need be improved and changed, but the engine starts up beautifully.

The guy says he's so glad to find such great work here, because just yesterday he went to see another guy who's been building aeroplanes, and that was such a negligent mess, they didn't even get to start up that plane.

Meanwhile, I'm filming the occasion. I'll give the footage to Father on Sunday as a Father's day gift.

Mother also calls Harrison and his family to come celebrate with a cup of tea and a snackplate of food that Mother prepares for the occasion.

And so, we all celebrate the first time Father's flying machine roars.

It's a beautiful craft. I remember the day it was just these shiny metal pieces on a trailer, with parts standing all around Father's assembly floor.

Now it won't be long before we can finally use it to fly to Canyon Manoir. It's always taken about 14 hours to drive to Westland, but flying there could take less than 5.

Now just a few more things will need to be done before Zoomroar can take us wherever we would like to go, and quick!

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