Fear: The Persistent Illusion

Rev. Abby Jo By Rev. Abby Jo, 26th Jun 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Essay resulting from Gaiam Disclosure series by David Wilcock, latest episode says we create our own reality which is a reaction to fear, making us easier to manipulate as a "herd" perhaps of sheeple (my phrase).

What are "they" really selling?

At UC Berkeley in 1980, I attended a lecture where the point was that whiskey and tobacco adverts are not photos but careful drawings of sex and death combined in one advert if possible, making it LOOK like a photo. I was particularly interested in this product, as my parents had run a mom & pop liquor store (J&F Liquor) in Hawaii on Bishop Street, in the 1960s, they sold a lot of this stuff.

The researcher, a young lad not much older than I was at the time, had a lot of photos and had carefully circled, labelled and tagged everything. It was not all "in his head." That was before Photoshop or computers being widely available as "personal."

Montauk--time travel?

Occupy your brain. David Wilcock wears a lot of purple shirts. I had just painted my own bathroom walls the same colour. To what extent are subliminal messages triggered by colours, smells, melodies and hidden "lyrics" such as gemetria (where for example "beast" is 47, now that I know this I cannot ever choose the number 47 for anything, the unconscious has been made conscious).

It is said that when one becomes aware of the depth and extent of the lies one cannot go back to "pretending." Maybe so. This has been my experience. The more bits and pieces of "truth" I get the more I want. What if 99% of the information we are given is lies? Paid for by this that or the other "Big Brother" be it corporate, government, etc. Is any information ever given freely? Even by those of us who think we are doing it as a religious mission? Whenever any ego is involved, I "fear" there is foothold for the archons, so to speak. Socrates taught, "Know Thyself." Ripple makers are censored. They can post, but the post won't get circulation until they are a brand-name.

The Color Purple

We are a species which lacks self awareness. Computers end up knowing us better than we know ourselves. Windows 10. Amazon sending things before I order them? Packages arriving from Amazon an hour or two after I click in the order from my one personal computer which I thought was "secure?" Transparency means no privacy? It's a one-way mirror?

I did observe this happening once, for a subscription. I cancelled all the subscriptions, nothing appears within an hour of the order anymore. Still, it's creepy that it could happen at all. I renewed my personal domain without using any credit card or cash, by typing something in a live chat. Efficiently creepy because I was raised in the 1960s when we spent most of the day working and paying bills took at least an hour to write a paper check, get a stamp, go mail it somewhere...or even more time consuming, going in person to pay a utility bill in cash. What took an hour in 1965 takes 2 minutes now. Even if I do it "personally," it's my computer "co" municating with another computer. The computers have a chat, the people remain detached.

Fear is a persistent Illusion

Einstein is quoted now on the internet as having said something along the lines of "reality is an illusion albeit a persistent one." Socrates probably said it before him and the Gnostics before Socrates. The questions becomes, how deep is the rabbit hole? How far does the Matrix extend, and what can we practice to ascend out of it?

Start with not being afraid. Are you afraid of "horror" movies? Of falling off the flat earth? At one time, millions of people have been scared of those things. Fear itself is a persistent illusion. Perhaps what needs to change is Faith. Faith that there is a soul, a spirit behind each "user," each "viewer."

Thing is, I don't have that faith myself. I think it's maybe 1 in 10 or something like that. Nielson ratings could assume viewers were human, we can't assume that anymore. It could be software programs and "bots." It is up to us to redefine ourselves before we "descend" into silicon for lack of having an imagination or original thoughts not anticipated by the new Big Brother, which is an electronic communications device. A "com" unit. Does the unit, like HAL in 2001 take over the brain of mankind, or does mankind take back his brain, re-occupying his own space? Perhaps this is the challenge of this age, to care enough what happens. I see apathy as worse than fear. That which fears is still alive, is not as predictable as that which does not give a rat's arse as long as present needs are met. Seauton sounds a bit like Satan. Are we our own worst enemy?

Does a tree make a sound if nobody is around to hear it fall? Is there a spiritual reality if 99% are convinced there is not? Does apathy become the new reality? Can we opt out? Perhaps when we reach a critical mass of of awareness that we collectively create our own reality...by where we choose to put our daily attention...the persistent illusion.


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I am an ordained minister in my 50s. My ministry is online. I practice meaningful written dialogue, truth in all things. Ascending beyond past. I will be here regardless of pay.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
29th Jun 2015 (#)

Abby Jo, It is an interesting journey you have taken us on in this piece. Fear certainly says much about us It is a topic on something I am currently writing about for a future post on another site we certainly have many things to fear (particularly with the ravage of groups like ISIS) yet we need to apply rational logic and continue to think straight and not be swept away by that fear.

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author avatar Rev. Abby Jo
30th Jun 2015 (#)

We need a bigger vocabulary, IMHO. "ISIS," "fear," "terrorism." Those are only 3 words. Three ideas. Yet this unholy trinity takes up 90% of media and the minds of those who are focused on mainstream. It seems to me that we get what we focus on. We need a new (collective) focus.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
30th Jun 2015 (#)

Yes it does take up a very high percentage of the Media's attention, disproportionately high I think we can both agree on that.

I have lived through terrorist times (IRA attacks in Mainland Britain - in particular London) and bombs have gone off in areas I worked in, yet the majority of the people simply got on with their daily lives - we would not be beaten by the bombers and eventually women in Belfast crossed the barricades greeted each other and said "we have had enough" - the start of the road to peace.

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author avatar Rev. Abby Jo
1st Jul 2015 (#)

Figures women make peace. I lived through the first airline hijackings in the 1970s. I went to high school in Haifa, Israel. I was drafted into IDF for 11 months, served in a Naval dental infirmary with mixed bag of Iraqi European African people calling themselves "Jews." An odd assortment, indeed. My master sergeant in charge of me for several months was from Iraq.

Yes, most of us get on with our daily lives. Does that mean we are not affected by these three words?

I won't be beaten down by anyone anywhere, but how many of us get a chance to really do something about this? Not being beaten business? Insisting on respect, courtesy, written language?

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