Fear and how it affects us

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FEAR AND HOW IT AFFECTS US in our every day life , stop the fear


I will today write some thoughts about a matter little discussed, but that really need to be focused as is extremely important
Fear and How it Affects us
♦Fear can be stronger than we can imagine and it will keep stuck in many ways. Fear kept me stuck for many years on many levels. Often I didn’t even know what scared me, because I was afraid to even really ask me for answer, cause they really scared me, Even irrational fear can make sense to an insecure person.9
♦Even irrational fear can make sense to an insecure person.
♦Fear, a few people understand fear and what it means it, manny they can say they are fearless, but the truth is how of us are truly fearless,
•From the day when we are born, we find ourselves in an unknown Kit range, the world that is driven by greed, fear , that crushes and shape us destroying the things that make us unique .destroying the creativity ,inflicting fear and worry in us ,day by day , we are incarcerated in a prison that we just can’t escape , cause when someone try they always, e nd up alone, found himself as an error in the system, a system that is so corrupt you can not imagine ,
•90% of the things that are made today, everything that we see is made because of money, BECAUSE of greed, fear,
But why do we so afraid? this is a question a little of us put them.
And How? How we can escape this vicious cycle, a never-ending cycle,
•First Ask yourself how manny people you know that lived their life to their fullest, doing what they love, only a few of them sadly, cause we all are afraid that

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Jun 2015 (#)

It had been more of worry for me than fear. But I overcome with my attitude - do my best and accept the results - siva

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author avatar Retired
26th Jun 2015 (#)

Fear is just a normal human behavior but we must not let it rule us.

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