February 7, 2014

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Another day in my life. Hoping that it's interesting and catches your attention...

February 7, 2014 Lunch Date!

I stayed up last night later than I should have. I had a lunch date to get to today, a rare thing, with a rare friend, My alarm went off just on time. But unfortunately the " just a little while more" thought came and I realized at 10:23 a.m. I had 37 minutes to get a much needed shower, get dressed and get the two blocks to our favorite restaurant. The shower took about 7 minutes, the hot water runs out quickly (especially in the winter months because it has to warm the pipes the water is flowing through) then I realized I hadn't prepared anything to wear ahead of time last night and didn't even realize It was "Laundry Day". I finally found something to wear and during that time period my "bestie" texted "I'm on my way". As I was almost ready to get everything together my "bestie" called and asked where I was, I said I'm almost ready go ahead and order the Friday Special. Finally! I get outside and I'm pushing the automatic unlock button but I guess the cold got to it because it is NOT opening the doors! I get to the car and use the key and of course the alarm goes off. I get in start the ignition and the alarm stops going off. As soon as I pull up I get a text "food is here where are you?" So I scoot quickly to our regular table and yes the food has just arrived hot and fresh. While we eat we talk about our deep dark secrets and laugh about most of them. But she has an appointment to get her hair done and I have errands so off we fly in different directions.


I stop by home first because I am so enthralled with Wikinut and I want to learn how to format my pages. So I fumble around a little but my brain is on overdrive and I'm missing the simplicity about it because I've already decided it's too complicated. So the thinking part of my brain says "shut down the computer and slowly walk away". And then I went back to run the errands that had to be run and made it to the car rider line at the high school. After waiting about 30 minutes I get my beautiful daughter in the car and we are yet running more errands. Over to Wal Mart (thank goodness my bank is in Wal Mart because one of the errands is to put money in my account. Then me and my daughter (her with a broke toe, and me with a hip full of Arthritis pain) hobble around Wal Mart and get us some food to eat for our after school snacks. We rush back to her dad's house to wait for him to get home and, whew, our tasks are done for the day.

Forgotten Information

It is 5:15 now and my daughter informs me we have to be the her best friends house by 6:00 to go to the "lock In" at church. This was a surprise to me because the last thing I knew was that her best friend was grounded and couldn't go to the "Lock In". "Oh" she says "her mom took the restriction off her and now she can go so I'm going". Ok, plans are changed a little nothing to worry about. Everything is under control. I meanwhile am networking on Face book and setting some writing gigs up on other sites. At 5:38 she says "Mom, we have to go we need to get there by 5:45" So I'm getting my jacket and gloves on and she says "Mom, they are already in the van waiting!" So we rush the long "one mile" over there and finally she ditches me for the weekend and even with all the scurrying about I said to myself how I was going to miss her.

New Information

I went back to her Daddy's house to wait on him to get in from work because he was going to guide me step by step on how to format Wikinut It's a late day for him and he's tired but he finally tells me it is so easy to figure out if I would just stop being intimidated by the word format. And he is right that's what is really making me crazy because I'm worried one wrong move and I will lose all the pages I've published. But when he starts talking about how to find out what to do I decide that after reading a few helpful tips I know everything. He informs me he is going to go buy our daughter a 32" TV for her bedroom. That is what she gets out of the Tax refund. So he goes to Wal Mart to buy her TV and grab me a Italian Hero Sandwich and bring it by the house. Zoom, across town another "long mile" away from her Daddy's! and I'm home getting ready to lock down tight in the bedroom. Ok, check list, remote, water, laptop, purse, and a hot cup of chai tea. Ahhh. I'm ready! Facebook, hello what's new? Fiverr, still no fix for you. And there you go all the spam mail is cleared from yahoo inbox. and the mail is read. Time for bed but wait! It's February 8, 2014! This is the second day that I took two days to make a post for one day! So tonight I'm going to make it a priority to get the Journal for February 8, 2014.

Too Late and Too Early to Go to Bed

Well, it is 8:52 a.m. seems I've written straight through answering emails and posting on the other sites I use. So I have a meeting at 10:00 a.m. and then I could possibly sleep after thats over but I'm afraid I would just wake back up in the middle of the night and my days and nights will be messed up. I did take an Ambien CR last night must of been a sugar pill in the bottle, because I certainly didn't get even the remote bit drowsy!


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