February 8, 2014

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Cold day today. Bought a pair of boots for Five dollars my bid won on the LC Action Auction. Very good day but, only like one hour sleep in the last 27 hours.My teenager finally get's a TV that she can actually read the cable channel guide from her room

No Sleep Because I'm Not Sleepy

I am just not sleepy! I went to sleep for a little over an hour and that seemed to be all the sleep I needed. I don't know why but I still feel good. I don't even have that dragging feeling yet. I'm glad of that though. That way tonight I can try to get to bed and get some good sleep. And maybe my sleep cycle will return to a sleep at night and wake in morning cycle again

I haven't slept well since I got pregnant almost 16 years ago. After my daughter was born and I quit nursing he,r they put me on Ambien and I took a pretty high dose and I still only slept a few hours. Then came Ambien CR and that doesn't keep me asleep either but it helps me get back to sleep. I wake up about 4 times in about 10 hours but sometimes the actual periods of wakefulness last for a few hours. Sometimes I go to sleep around 11:00 and wake up at 3;00 and can't go back to sleep. But it seems to be enough sleep for my body to function. .

The Winning Bid

Thursday night when the auction started I bid on a pair of suede boots with rhinestone trimming. I never thought my bid would win but it did and I was very happy that I found the boots and made the bid and no one bid higher because really I had the money to go higher but my NEED for the boots was actually very low. These are thin boots made for mild winters in The Southern States. But only Mid Florida and further South had a Southern Mild Winter,

I didn't know what condition the boots were in I bought them off the internet from the picture they posted. So this morning at the Auction meeting place I picked them up in a bag and brought them home. I don't know why but I didn't look at the boots until this afternoon, but when I opened the bag was pleasantly surprised at what good shape they were in.

Busy With Writing Opportunities

I have finally gotten on a site that I can put my writing skills up for hire. I won't make a lot of money at that site but I will become a source for people who in this one gig need an inspirational writer to do a short piece for them. But alas, no takers yet but My name is out there on a Lot Of Sites now.

also realized my ex husband is a good friend to the man that puts the weekly newspaper out in this county! While we had breakfast he texted him giving my information as a willing freelance writer who can do copywriting at the drop of a hat. Plus it doesn't hurt, that I live directly across the street from the newspaper's main office.

There has been a paradigm shift in my life
. I feel the shift so wholeheartedly that I know I'm going to get my book published within the 2014-2015 time frame. The book is complete I just have to get it out there to a publisher who can see that my book will be a bestseller!

Taxes, Our Teenager, and A 32" TV

My ex had his taxes done and got a refund and our daughter has been wanting a bigger TV for her room and there was an "Element Electronics" 32" TV for $198.00 and he bought it for her while she was spending the night with her best friend. He hooked it up, set the cable back up and never told her a thing. He wanted to see how she would react. I thought she would hoop and holler, but she came home and went to her room put her stuff away from the sleepover sat down on her bed and then she just said "Daddy? Who did this?" in a shocked voice. Utter shock and disbelief.

We parent together so he asked me if he should go ahead and get it for her, and I said I thought it was a good idea, She had a tiny TV and she is like me and has bad eyesight, A matter of fact our prescriptions for glasses and contacts are exactly the same. That is very unfortunate because I have such bad eyesight and then again fortunate because we use the same contacts. I had contacts left over this year when she had none for her left eye. So i just gave her my extra one and we didn't have to pay an out of pocket expense for more contacts right before it was time for our vision to be checked for the new year.

What's Left of This Day...

Well here I am at the end of the day and I succeeded to get a Journal entry in before a whole new day came! I felt that I couldn't write a good Journal entry till I had taken my Ambien CR and a Klonopin to become uninhibited, but it turns out I can! As documented by this entry

Listen, peeps, I'm going to go ahead and finish this right now, but i promise that if anything really cool and outrageous was to happen I'll make sure to Journal again tonight! But I'm staying in and in about an hour going to try taking the Ambien CR and the Klonopin and actually going to sleep tonight! Thanks for reading my pages! I learned to link the pages so from now on you can hit "next entry" and get to the newest page.


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