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Aquarium fish feed is plant or animal material intended for consumption by pet fish kept in aquariums or ponds.

Feed fish in variety.

There are a few food facts you want to know about feeding fish. There are types of fishes - Herbivores which live on vegetables, carnivores which eat meat and are omnivores, they eat everything that you feed. One of the most common fish food is the flake food, the majority of the people feed this food to fish. This is a balanced diet for fish. If you have different type of fish, you can feed them different types of frozen and freeze dried food.

Fish always love a variety of foods. Goldfish are omnivores so you have a wide range of options. Goldfish food must contain less protein and more carbohydrates. The food that remain on the surface is the best option as it does not pollute the tank. Live and Frozen foods can be introcuded. However, Purchase the live food from food farms or pet shops. live food is wild-caught may have parasites and organisms thus may cause, goldfish diseases. Brine shrimp and Spirulina are good for the digestive system of goldfish. In general, a goldfish diet is only as much as goldfish eats within first two minutes of food supply. Anything more than that is overfed.

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