Feeling the Music

PJ Dorantes By PJ Dorantes, 12th Nov 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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For the young man, music was everything.he needed to heal his own soul.


The most pure emotion
poured off his strong voice.
No, he was no angel.
How could somebody think it,
with that purple hair
and tons of tattoos
all over his body?
But yet, that night,
he was doing something
that seemed almost mystical,
and there was no way to deny it.
For some poor souls,
music is such a meaningless concept,
nothing but a thing to use
as mere background noise.
But he, a young man
of the kind that society
always rejects,
was giving music a new meaning.
What's the point of singing,
just for singing?
He knew that there is no reason
to be singing every single day,
if you don't have something
you want to share with the world.
So, there he was, dying a bit
every night, just to please
the people who came to see him.
Maybe it wasn't the highest-paid
job in the work, but he was happy with it,
because it helped to heal his soul.

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author avatar Deepizzaguy
13th Nov 2015 (#)

Music like words is a very powerful way to either feel good or make you feel sad.

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author avatar M G Singh
13th Nov 2015 (#)

Great post

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author avatar brendamarie
13th Nov 2015 (#)

amazing post!!!

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author avatar PJ Dorantes
13th Nov 2015 (#)

Thank you, everybody, for taking the time for reading. So glad you liked it

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