Felipe Moore – Chapter Fifty-Three

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This chapter concludes the saga of Felipe, his ongoing battle with himself and his creator, his eventual acceptance of his sexuality and his new life in St. John's.

Felipe comes out to Jordan.

It was a sleepless night for Felipe and Jordan and their whispering continued until the wee small hours of the morning. Felipe had told his story to Jordan whose gasps, he feared would awaken John and Phyllis. When Jordan had finally digested what Felipe was telling him, he threw his arms around his cousin and wept what the elder boy could only imagine were tears of relief! When he’d stopped crying Jordan relayed to Felipe what the older boy had already guessed. He went on to explain that he had known that he was different for as long as he could remember. He was certain that his older brother was suspicious but felt that his parents had no inkling. Some boys had taken to calling him names in school last year – one even asked if he had a boyfriend, to hoots of laughter from the others in the group. Jordan admitted that he loved looking at boys but always thought he had been discreet. After hearing that remark he rarely looked at anyone except when he forced himself to look at one of the girls with what he hoped was admiring eyes.

Jordan declares his love.

Jordan was also quick to tell Felipe that he had fallen in love the first time he saw him and now he never wanted to let him go. The two hugged for a long time but even now Jordan was feeling a bit shy and Felipe was fighting to control his raging hormones. He knew that although Jordan probably felt that they should begin a relationship at once, there was much more that his cousin needed to be aware off. Finally however, he decided to throw caution to the wind and risk a little fling with the boy who had been giving him erections every night since coming to the city. He kissed Jordan who immediately responded and soon both their hands were wandering under the bedclothes. Neither felt the need to go to the bathroom that night and in less than half an hour both were sleeping contently each wrapped in the other’s arms.

The boys make plans

Felipe awoke to Jordan tickling his upper lip and nose with a feather while trying to supress a giggle. He had never seen his cousin in such a jovial mood and suggested that he cool it before his parents got suspicious. They got dressed but Jordan couldn’t resist squeezing Felipe’s bum as they left the room. To Felipe’s great relief Jordan was his old self at the breakfast table expect for being more pleasant and helpful which always pleased his parents. The boys spent the morning at Bowering Park and since it was Saturday it was easy to find a place where they could be alone. It was difficult for either of them to hide their feelings for each other when they wished to proclaim their love to the world. They wanted to hold hands like other couples and have their smiles radiate the warmth of the joy they felt in their completion! Felipe knew however that common sense must prevail, after all this was not a perfect world. He also reminded Jordan that they were both young and people and circumstances often change. The younger man understood that they must be discreet but swore that his love for Felipe would never change. Jordan knew that his parents would never agree to his moving out until he had completed high school the following June and even then he would have to be working. Both boys therefore resolved that living arrangements should remain the same and Jordan determined that his school work not suffer, indeed he hoped to please his parents by bringing home better marks than he had in previous years. The following summer he would find a job and he and Felipe would get an apartment together.


On July 27, 1956 Felipe and Jordan moved into their new furnished apartment lo-cated on New Gower Street. John had helped find the place and assisted them in moving. The apartment had two bedrooms, a small kitchen and a living room that was slightly larger. Jordan had completed grade eleven the previous month and with hard work and Felipe's help had far exceeded his parents expectations and was expected to do well in the public exams, in fact the school principal had suggested that he would probable pass with honours! Both Phyllis and John felt indebted to Felipe and showed their appreciation by paying the first month's rent on his and Jordan's new apartment. Three days after writing his final exam Jordan had found employment with Baine Johnson, one of the city's oldest firms, in their shipping department. Felipe and Jordan's relationship had continued to blossom over the past year and now with their own apartment, they were finally living their dream. Felipe had already gotten a promotion with Purity Factories but was also consid-ering a management trainee position with the Bank of Montreal. That night they sat wrapped in each other’s arms on their second hand sofa and watched Lucy on the twelve inch TV, they had bought from the Salvation Army Thrift stove. These things mattered not at all to the two lovers who considered themselves the luckiest men on earth. Tomorrow they knew was promised to no one – but tonight they had each other.
The End.
Continued from Chapter Fifty-Two

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Feb 2015 (#)

Happy conclusion, well done Kingwell. The world has to be inclusive to accommodate everyone. I never knew about gay/lesbian relationships until I was an adult and hardly knew anyone with such traits - siva

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author avatar Kingwell
10th Feb 2015 (#)

I knew nothing about it when I was young but now have some good friends who are gay or lesbian. I understand that people are born that way and feel that we are all equal. Many people did not come out of the closet until they were older as it would have been very dangerous a few yew years ago. Here in Canada today it is widely accepted but there still problems bullying problems.

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author avatar puncakceria
19th Feb 2015 (#)

good information,thank for sharing..

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author avatar Kingwell
19th Feb 2015 (#)

Thank you my friend. Perhaps sometime you will get time to read the complete story. Blessings.

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