Felipe Moore – Chapter Twenty- Eight

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Having an intimate friend has a positive effect on Felipe and all concerned are pleased.

The New Felipe

As the short, cold days of February gave way to the first signs of an early spring in the last week of March, Mona was pleased with the new Felipe that had emerged from his cocoon that winter. She knew that Anthony had played no small part in this transformation and thought of how lonely Felipe must have been all those years without an intimate friend and the feeling that he just didn't fit in. She enjoyed the jovial, positive but still compassionate and understanding person, that she now studied with both at school and when they did homework together at his parent’s house. She wasn't even surprised when one April night he accepted her invitation to study at her house. Mona's parents, who were both illiterate, were all smiles as they welcomed Felipe into their home. Having a daughter studying for the grade ten exams was something that they had never envisioned, but the thought that she might have a future with such a bright young man as Felipe was beyond their wildest dreams. Although Mona had assured them on many occasions that there was nothing between her and Felipe, all they could see was a boy and a girl obviously enjoying each other’s company, and to them that only meant one thing.

Pleased Parents.

Anthony was now spending at least one night of every weekend at Felipe's house. They also spent recess together at school and with Mona as a constant companion, continued to walk to and from school together. Felipe's parents were delighted to see their son coming out of his shell and according to the teacher, doing better in school than ever before! That he didn't appear to notice that Mona was a girl, bothered them not at all, he was in their eyes just a late bloomer. They were sure that he would think differently later and that such a romance at the moment might only interfere with his studies. Felipe was also helping Anthony with his studies and his parents, who were also pleased with the friendship that had developed between the two boys, reported that his grades were up in all subjects. That their son was usually in the company of the two smartest kids in school gave them hope that he might follow in their footsteps.


Felipe was under no illusions about his own sexuality, although he felt that he would never understand it. Anthony, he knew would soon develop an interest in girls, in fact had already admitted to liking Betty Short, who was just twelve years old and two grades below him in school. Felipe had been sworn to secrecy, as Anthony, who was still very shy around girls, knew that he would just die of embarrassment if others knew of his feelings for Betty, to say nothing of the taunting he would get from his peers. As his rendezvous with Felipe continued he sometimes spoke of girls but seeing Felipe's complete lack of interest, soon returned to stories of horseplay among the boys that sometimes sent them both into gales of laughter. Neither of the boys was a bully and would never have taken part in the humiliation of another, yet both were sexually aroused by the hearing and repeating of such stories. Anthony had faced such embarrassment the previous summer, and although he had been mortified at the time, found that he was aroused when thinking about it now. He did not tell Felipe about this however for fear of what he might think of him. Felipe however, was concerned about his own thoughts. He could not even imagine the terror of having such things done to him and knew he would do anything to avoid it, yet somehow the whole thing excited him. What he wondered, was wrong with him anyway and what would Anthony think if he knew?
To Be Continued - See Chapter Twenty-Nine

Read from the beginning - See Chapter One.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th May 2014 (#)

It is clear Felipe is finding his feet and becoming more confident as the years roll by. Teenage years are not easy for most. Looking forward to further installments, Kingwell - siva

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author avatar Kingwell
18th May 2014 (#)

Thank you Siva. Blessings.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
23rd May 2014 (#)

Ditto Siva's comments. It is nice to see FM growing up.

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author avatar Kingwell
23rd May 2014 (#)

Thank you Phyl.

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