Felipe Moore- Chapter Twenty- Four

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Summer ends and school re-opens with Felipe and Mona now in grade ten.

Felipe Begins Grade Ten - Textbooks are 'awful dear'

The long days of summer had begun to get shorter as august hastened towards its end and parents and children alike, made preparations for the re-opening of school. As often happens in Newfoundland however, nature had waited for this time to usher in some of the year’s best weather. The first day of school was a beautiful calm day when most children wanted nothing more than to be playing outside, or in the case of some of the boys, to be out in the fishing boat with their fathers. At lunchtime most of the students were looking to their parents for fifty or sixty cents to pay for the year's textbooks. Most returned with the money in the afternoon, but some had a note for the teacher asking if he could wait for a day or two until the father and husband returned home. Felipe and Mona received their grade ten textbooks and went home looking for the grand sum of one dollar and forty cents! While Benjamin felt that the textbooks were 'awful dear' (terribly expensive), he was nevertheless proud that his youngest son was getting an education.

Mona and Felipe again study together

Mona and Felipe had continued their friendship throughout the summer and sometimes going for short walks in the evenings. For the first few weeks after Andrew's death, there was never a time when the tragedy was not spoken of, but as September approached their conversation turned more and more to talk of school and what difficulties they might face in grade ten. The results of the exams they had written in June were received by the clergyman, (it was a church-run school), in late August and both Felipe and Mona had passed all subjects, he with a sixty-eight average, she with a seventy. It was another tear filled evening when they learned that Andrew had led the pack with an average of eighty-five. With the opening of school came more homework assignments and more and more evening hours spent studying together, usually at Felipe's house. He would walk Mona home at the end of the evening but she never considered inviting him inside, although her parents had suggested it on numerous occasions, because she knew that Felipe would politely refuse.

A New Friend for Felipe!

Although, he was happy to have Mona for a friend, Felipe was nonetheless a very lonely young man. Anthony was a thirteen year old boy at school who for some reason liked to seek out Felipe's company during recess and lunchtime, especially if Mona was not around. Felipe felt it was because he was, at almost sixteen, the oldest boy in school, and Anthony seemed very interested in talking about books and the like. He once told Felipe that he was hoping to stay in school and get an education like him! The problem was Anthony was a good looking boy, whom Felipe remembered had been stripped and teased by some bigger boys while swimming at the pond the previous summer. Felipe had been hiding less than twenty feet away and had seen everything. Anthony had cried and afterwards ran home, not venturing near the pond for the remainder of the summer. Felipe remembered how he had beaten up on himself afterwards for being aroused by the actions of these boys. Now it was clear that Anthony wanted to be his friend and although there was more than a two year difference in their ages, such friendships were not unusual in small communities such as Southern Arm. Felipe liked Anthony but knew it was best to have a more casual relationship for the time being and hoped that Anthony would lose interest and find a friend nearer his own age. The possibility that he might fall head over heels in love with this handsome boy was a chance he was not willing to take - at least not at the moment.

Was Mona Jealous?

As September gave way to the shorter days and much cooler evenings of October, Mona and Felipe settled into the routine of two to three hours spent studying together for at least five nights of every week. Friday was their night to relax but even then they would get together for a short walk or just a chat somewhere alone. In November they began babysitting for some friends meaning that they would spend even more time together and there were those in the community who were convinced that they were now boyfriend and girlfriend. Mona had turned down two boys who had asked to date her, preferring instead her relaxed and unassuming relationship with Felipe. It was shortly after Christmas that she began to notice the budding friendship between Felipe and seventh grader, Anthony Stiles, who had turned fourteen on New Year’s Day. For a moment she had felt a touch of jealousy and wondered how she would have acted if it had been another girl. Had she been deceiving herself, she wondered - did she perhaps think that she still had a chance of winning Felipe's heart? The moment passed quickly and she smiled. Felipe, she knew, had been lonely since Andrew's death and a new friend might be just what he needed.

To be Continued - See Chapter Twenty-Five.
Read from the beginning - See Chapter One.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
1st Apr 2014 (#)

We will find out in the next chapter as Felipe corresponds to Mona's love!

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author avatar Kingwell
2nd Apr 2014 (#)

Thank you for reading and commending my friend.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
2nd Apr 2014 (#)

Just a thought -- and pardon me if I've mentioned it before -- but I feel like I'm being given a summary of the story rather than experiencing it first-hand. I would love to experience this through dialogue and showing, rather than telling. Still, the ideas are compelling and I want to know what happens next. I also realize you're quite a way through and changing horse midstream is not advisable. It's just my $.02, FWIW.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Kingwell
2nd Apr 2014 (#)

Thank you Phyl and I see your point and maybe I should try writing that way but I'm not sure that I can. In any case, as you say, it is too late for this particular story.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Apr 2014 (#)

The story is interesting with twists and turns, thanks Kingwell. Andrew is still casting a shadow over the life of Felipe; a promising life tragically lost before it bloomed. We can only console ourselves that everything happens for a purpose. Happy that Felipe is slowly getting a life of his own - siva

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author avatar Kingwell
5th Apr 2014 (#)

Thank you Siva. I am working on the next chapter.

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