Feminism: A critic from someone born after 1974

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This is a short and quick summery about the unexpected effects of the Feminist Movement from someone who grew up after it was put into play. Agree or Disagree this is how I see it.


Much has been said about the feminist movement and how it opened doors for women and made the world a much better place. But did it really? When I studied feminism is school and read about it on-line it seems that feminism wasn’t based on pure truth and it always seemed to have a secret agenda. It should also be noted that not every woman was or is a feminist some were anti-feminists who said that woman had more freedom than most men because women could chose to work or not to work. Though feminists scoffed them at the time in some cases they were proving to be right.


Many feminists will tell you that women were not allowed to work especially before 1913. This is a far cry from the truth not only did many women work but some women were owners of businesses and owned lots of land. I would also like to point out that Black, Hispanic, and Asian women always worked prior to 1913 and that it was only the White women who was able to either stay at home or to get a job. Most white women did work for a while and then decided to stay home while other white women never stayed home even after having children.
The jobs that most women go for and exceed at are more or less the same jobs that women went for and had before 1913 and before 1974 which were/are business, nurses, doctors (yes they did exist), lawyers, office workers, fashion, maids, teachers, and secretaries to name but a few. The only difference now is that some women go for jobs they are physically unfit to do such as construction workers, cops, firefighters and so on. This is proven by the fact that when women entered these jobs after 1974 they had to lower the physical standards. In some cases women don’t even take the same test as men do making it easier for them to get jobs that before 1974 they would never get due to the design of nature.

The Vote

Since voting was one of the hot issues it is somewhat funny and odd that women think they could not vote before 1913. The reason I say this is because women were held to the same standard that men were for most of history mainly that if you were a rich, educated, landowner you could vote. Wealthy women were voting long before 1776 and continued to vote after The United States was formed. If you were not an educated, wealthy landowner whether you were a male or female you were not allowed to vote period.

What did Feminism do?

Since I talked about the reality of what happened mainly before 1913 which is a pivotal point in Feminist History let us turn our minds towards what happened after 1974 yet another landmark in feminist history. If you are unaware of the importance of these two years feel free to look them up.
In the wake of Feminism achieving all its goals not even a year later divorces, teen pregnancies and violence have gone up. Now everyone must work and no one except for the wealthy have a choice not to. Everyone with children has to pay for daycare while they run off to work allowing an outsider to form your child’s mind in the most critical period of a child’s development. The Capitalist won the true victory because ounce everyone had to work they could then jump inflation due to the amount of new workers. Thus starting a rippling effect that has directly landed us in the problems we are facing today as far as taxes and over all economics.
One of the inadvertent effects is that the idea of Motherhood being a job was taking away and is now seen as more of a burden than a blessing. Most women who do have children very quickly realize they now have two full time jobs, some cannot take the pressure end up committing suicide or even killing there own children. Suicide rates among women have been steadily going up after 1974, along with baldness.
It used to be said that feminizing the world would see less crime and more open communications. This too is a failure since crime rates have been going up ever since 1974 especially sexual crimes. Even women get involved in crime activities in higher numbers than they ever did before.
Having said the previous you also have women such as Jenna Jameson and other porn stars saying that being a whore is liberty for women and is part of the feminist movement. Unfortunately they fail to see that they like all prostitutes are being exploited and ounce they no longer have beautiful looks they are tossed out and no one will even remember who they are. Unfortunately women on all levels of society (not all but many) think the whoredom of womankind is liberating one, which the Capitalist society is all too eager to use and plaster everywhere. Women have been lead to believe that by degrading themselves that is somehow empowering and yet they can’t understand all the negative effects that go with being a whore. In today’s world women and men are putting there sexual lives on-line allowing the entire world to witness how slutty they are with self shots, videos, and cam shows. Not realizing or not caring that down the line it will affect them negatively.
On a lesser not is how women today dress (not all but the majority) with everything hanging out. Then they get angry when men treat them like the whores that they are portraying themselves to be. I think women can dress how they want but they too have to think of the image they are putting out. You can’t have it both ways you can’t leave it all up to men who are hardwired by nature to breed and seek the most available, not saying men should force themselves on every slut they see but women do have a responsibility just like men do. Men too should watch what they do, how they conduct themselves and how they dress.
Feminism for the most part was never really about equality with men but it was about and in many ways is about over throwing men so that they can rule over men. Feminists want men to not vote, to have no choices in life, and to be less than human because from everything I have read about feminism this always appeared to me to be the end game and when I do meet man who accept the complete feminization of society they are too weak so much so that most women cheat on them because all emotion and no gruff lets face it makes you unattractive.
Women will one day out number men in huge numbers if one studies birth charts one can easily predict that by the year 3,000 so few men will be on earth that women might just have to share them. Then those alive can see what a society of females is about and will it be Utopian bliss or disaster as much of human history has been only those people will know. I can only speak for myself and the time I have come to live in and up until now nothing positive has come from feminism because feminism was designed to make the rich richer and the middleclass poorer.
Checkmate Capitalists.


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