Feminist: What they are?

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Find out how to control them? What are their reactions if they are disappointed?


Feminist are the people who focus on women domination and all their decision revolve around this philosophy. A chance to interact with them makes may not always be a good story. It seems they suffer from some psychological disorder like rapist because the way they react whenever they feel that someone used a discriminatory word was shocking.
Such a stance may seem anti-feminist, but I would like to narrate my experience which made me feel like that.

Story: Once Upon A Time

We met while working on a project and didn’t know they she is feminist. Interaction started normally. My technology background provided me with little exposure to the use of gender-neutral language during informal talks (I think all technology students will agree to it).

Story: Biggest Mistake

One day after fieldwork, I made a passing informal comment with the intention to praise the women of the village, who were following traditional culture. The comment was that they are the traditional women.

That is it!

All the hell broke out. In normal circumstance, a girl would either ignore it or pull my leg in a similar style. But, she started a debate and asking for the reason for my statement. Initially, I took it lightly and used the words loosely. Her voice started becoming louder, sharper and accusing. She made me feel as if I had done an unpardonable crime and deserve death sentence. I even tried to pacify her that I am from Technology College and our informal dialogues are meant to pull legs and not to create fight. She did not listen to me and her accusations just went on increasing. She did not stop even when I accepted that I am wrong and will keep this in mind next time. Finally, my other friends intervened I got away from her clutches.


After few days, I recollected that incident and felt that ending could have been much more peaceful if she would have debated peacefully. They should realize that support is gained by peaceful discussion rather than shouting as shouting indicates the sign of suppression.


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