Few ideas to detox one's mind

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I started to put them in practice some time ago and they've proven to be very good for my mind which is as important as my body.

Few ideas to detox one's mind

As a matter of fact, I've already put them in practice. So, they aren't a new year resolution for me.
1. Switch off the TV set or still better throw it in the bin. Well, it can be used as a screen to watch the films one chooses to watch. Otherwise, one's better off not watching TV at all. On any TV channel and no matter where one is living, there're only scandals and celebrities' dirty linen aired out for a good pinch of money by the chosen celeb, but who might interested in knowing whether someone had sex with someone else? Are you? I'm not a bit interested in such stuff. Such programs are intoxicating and brainwashing us.TV channels keep these programs, because producers know that they get big audiences to watch them and in between they'll add commercials that are the ones that pay for such load of garbage. So long as millions of people watch it, they think, it's good for my business. Some people say that they only watch the news or some documentaries, but let me tell them that they won't find out about the real things. TV news and documentaries are biased and they're planned and made to get us think the way they want us to see things and to think.
It's the same with newspapers. One has to be careful if one's in the habit to read newspapers every day and no matter what newspapers are. The so called democratic or lefty ones are as bad as the pure right wing ones.
2. The Internet is a good source of information, but obviously one has to search for the information one really needs or wants to have. It may be a task, but as one learns how to get it, it'll be as easier as reading morning newspapers. It'll be at least the information one needs or wants. Let's use it while we can or while the financial oligarchy let us have it.
3. A radio set. I've always been a good listener wherever I've lived, but on this days, I'm starting to think that this old means of communication is starting to be rather biased. If not why do producers focus on certain rubbish programs that grant us no worthwhile knowledge?
In summary, a good mind and soul detox program for 2015 should be _
_ No national newspapers, radio or TV at all.
_ To keep one's Internet connection no matter how costly it may be. Through it we can have the news and analyses we want or need. We can also listen to the music we really want to on a given moment or choose the film we want. So, we're well covered for truthful information and entertainment while it lasts.
It was through the Internet that I found out about the real truth of some outrageous events such as the fall of the Twin Towers and at this time and age, there're architects and engineers that can't believe what all of us were told on TV.
Pilates or yoga may be good for our mind and soul as well as a balanced nutritional diet, but it's also necessary to detox our mind form all sorts of intoxicating stuff even if it comes to us as good and truthful.

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