Fiancé empties bank accounts

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Waldorf the handyman is having a conversation with Father. A rather serious conversation. He's quite desperate. Apparently, both of his bank accounts at two banks have been emptied on the same day.

Fiancé empties bank accounts

The only person he thinks could have done it, who would have had access to his card and cellphone and personal identification numbers, is his fiancé Janice.

Now he has a problem, because he needs to confront her about it.

Waldorf tells Father that Waldorf has so far only told his own Father, who advised him to tell that woman to hit the road. Waldorf was hoping his Father could talk to her, because he doesn't have the heart himself to do it. But of course his Father just told him he has to do it himself.

Father's advice isn't any different, especially since Waldorf came to Father because, as Waldorf puts it, it might influence his going to The Land Of The West.

Father of course wants to hear none of Waldorf's love life having a bad influence on his work. He advises Waldorf to take that woman and her things and go offload her wherever, whether at her Mother's house or wherever she came from.

Waldorf then did confront his woman about it, who, as he later related, became very white in the face and aggressive, instead of as she normally does when she is confronted, emotional. This made him think that maybe she isn't innocent.

He received a message by mobile about "irregularities" on his bank account, from one of his banks. He has 21 days to go in and talk to them. Now he's afraid that this may be an error at the bank, although he doesn't think so because both accounts at both different banks have been emptied on the same day.

Could it have been someone else who got hold of Waldorf's banking details somehow? Waldorf hopes not, because he already sent Janice on her way.

Time will tell now I suppose.

It's funny; the other day Waldorf came in to Studio C to help Mother and I with our animals for our children's movie. We had previously also asked him to come in, and that time he was so jolly and delighted and full of lightheartedness. This time however he comes in and does everything we tell him, but there's not that spark of childlike delight in him. As Mother put it, he's lost a lot of his cheerfulness.

I told her that perhaps it's that woman and child that's robbed him of his happiness, really just randomly I say that.

"Woman can make life hell for ya, believe you me!" I said cheekily.

Mother just laughed.

And now, it seems perhaps I wasn't far off. Maybe that woman and other man's child of Waldorf's, was what was making Waldorf miserable.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
12th Oct 2015 (#)

Smart Girl or what to call her, poor lad now all broke!

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