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When a man moves into Tomaha, New Delta, he finds some very unexpected surprises.

Moving In.

When Jim Wash Taylot Kimmasen the Third moved to Tomaha, New Delta on the Fifteenth of March, 2059, he didn't expect to have robots for next door neighbors. But that is what he got.
"Howdy, I'm Tina and this is my husband Tim. Say hi, Tim."
"Well, it's nice to see you." And in she went without missing a step.
They sure don't give you a chance to answer around here. Jim thought.

Across the street was a Krill, a blue, sparkly alien that had no business on Earth. The Krill was unimpressed with Jim and let his Krillian dog use Jim's lawn as his bathroom. Jim went to talk to the Krill and got shot for his troubles.
"And don't come back!" The Krillian shouted as Jim hobbled home.
Don't worry, I won't. thought Jim.

And he didn't.

The Bank.

One fine Monday, Jim needed to go to the bank. But, as usual, the bank wasn't what he expected. It looked like a bank, operated like one, but doggone it, the people inside looked like goblins. Jim didn't want to stare but he couldn't help it. Some people were meant to be stared at.

The Head Goblin peered down at him. "Can I help you sir?" The goblin had a sharp voice, unlike anything Jim expected the goblin to sound like. It made him feel small.
"I'd like to make a withdrawal."
"Do you have an account here? Sir?," it added for Jim was now looking at another section of the bank.
"What is that?" Jim asked. He asked because there was something altogether unreal roaming the bank. A ghost of some sort.
"Oh, him." The goblin chuckled. "That is the Headless Horseman himself, that is. A-looking for his head. IT'S NOT HERE." The last bit was meant for the ghost but Jim asked, "What isn't?"
"Not you."
"What did you want, again?"
"Oh, never mind." Jim's mind was still reeling but he managed to walk out on his own two feet.

What's It All About?

Jim decided a picnic was in order. But the stream he had see earlier that week was gone. In it's place was a tower. And coming out of the tower window was a song and a loooooooong, black braid.
"Well?" A young, bossy voice floated down to him.
"I beg your pardon?"
"Of all of the men to pass by, I get the dumb one. You're supposed to rescue me, duh."
"Uhh, uh...rescue you, Ma'am?"
"Oh, never mind." And just like that she vanished, tower and all.
"That's it. I'm losing it. Rapunzel? Goblins? Aliens? Robots? I've had enough." And with that, he packed his picnic and drove home.

Only, his house was gone.
"Oh, crud. Now what am I going to do?"


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13th May 2013 (#)

Good imagination!

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