Fifteen minutes to renew a friendship

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It takes a short while to lose a friend, but a casual encounter to renew it.

Fifteen minutes to renew a friendship

The platform was quiet as the rush time had already passed. Two guards walked along the platform chatting away. A middle aged man that intended to play his instrument inside the carriage sat on one of the seats, looking distractedly and another woman strode along the platform impatiently. She looked at her watch. After the peak hour, trains take longer to come along, she seemed to think as she watched at her watch.
Peter sat on one of seats to wait for his train when he suddenly recognized the woman who sat on a seat on the opposite platform He was pretty sure that she was Alicia. She might have aged a bit like himself, but he was pretty sure she was Alicia.
She still wore the same casual clothes as she used to wear when they were friends, but she had also changed her looks a little bit. However, he was sure that this woman that sat in the opposite platform was Alicia.
He greeted at her calling at her.
The woman looked up, searching for the person who had mentioned her name.
Now, he knew. It was Alicia and she had recognized him as well.
"Been long since the last time... Where are you going?" Peter asked her. His voice echoed in the almost empty platform.
"Work. I´ve overslept and the train´s taking long. What about you?"
"Could we meet late in the evening? It´d be interesting to talk after these years".
"Give me a ring", she said as she drew her mobile telephone out of her handbag.
Peter searched for his to realize that he had left it home recharging. "Damned!"
Then, he found a small pencil in his pocket. "Ready! Give us your number and I´ll call you up in the evening."
Alicia spelled her number loudly and Peter wrote it on his wrist. "I hope it keeps till I get home."
"Did you.... marry?" Peter asked her.
"Married and divorced."
Peter gestured as if saying that she looked well and as she showed a broad smile on her face, her train started to enter into the station. She stepped into the carriage which wasn´t full and she still waved at him on the glass of the window, pointing at his wrist as if saying "Call!"
His train arrived too. He stepped into one of the carriages with the musician who started to play his instrument.
"I will", Peter thought as he looked at the number hastily written on his wrist. "I will. It´ll be interesting to meet after such long absence" Then, looking at the telephone number, he realized that there was a missing number.
He leaned aback on his seat trying to remember her full name. He was sure to have it somewhere in his house and so long he had her full name, it´d be easy to trace her to call her up.

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10th Jul 2015 (#)

Nicely written short story..

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