Fight Or Flight?

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My Personal experience shared with the world........

Fight Or Flight?

In my Nineteen years of existence on this planet, I have learned a very important truth. That is to never ignore your inner voice. Honestly, I believe that our souls and our hearts hold all the answers. Kind of like the involuntary flight of fight response in the body. When the body senses danger it either, based of the mind's perceptions of the situation or surroundings must decide whether to target it's saved up adrenaline on fighting the danger or escaping the danger. I believe our spiritual selves or souls have the same function. I feel like we all have some sort of sixth sense for how an event will turn out or how we should react or what descision should wemake. I believe in matters of love especially, we should listen to our hearts. It's the built in ability we posses incoded in our soul's DNA. In the very essence of who we are. We should listen to our souls warning signs, to our "inner voices." In my experiences that notion deep inside me has always been right. So, listen to your soul and heart's whispers. They shall never lead you astray.

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author avatar Karman's Kreations
14th Apr 2012 (#)

Ah, that "gut" reaction that makes us have those questioning feelings deep inside. If only our "brain" would listen to us. Nicely Written.

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author avatar Amanda
14th Apr 2012 (#)

Nice Words

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