Fight between Harrison and Mary

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Mother comes into my room early morning while I'm still in bed.

"Mary and the children are here", Mother says.

Well great. What's so important about that?

Well they're staying here for the day, because according to Mary Harrison is too dangerous to be around.

Husband stays out late

Mother and Father tried to find out what happened while they are trying to console her, but Mary cries too much for them to make out much of what she's telling them.

Apparently they had been out to some party or some event last night, and then it got so late that she just left and went home.

Then only at around 5am Harrison came back, so wasted and drunk that he just pissed right next to the bed. I'm not sure if Mary thought that was the time to fight with him or what, but in that state he just decided he's not going to take her bitchiness or something.

Domestic violence

Somehow Mary received a blow to the head and now has a bump, and she says Harrison also attacked her with his belt and said all sorts of "awful" things.

Anyway, she took the kids and came here.

I have to babysit the kids

Father has to go play tennis with his guests who are currently staying in the guest building, and Mother has to go play the organ at church, so when it seems Mary is okay, they have to split. Mary also leaves, asking me to watch the kids for "half an hour".

She went to go get some clothes, but that "half an hour" turns more like into two and a half hours.

She comes back later but then has to leave again because she has to keep an appointment to go take somebody's pictures. She's been a professional photographer for about 5 years now.

Anyway, later Father and Mother did get to talk to Harrison, but I haven't been able to find out what had happened yet.

Don't feed the beggars. It makes them grow exponentially in numbers

Tonight Father, Mother, their guests and myself go out for pizza, as we usually do on a Sunday evening. We drop the kids at Harrison's house. Harrison and Mary have been discussing their problems. It seems things are calm now.

When we arrive at the pizza place, we find that there's now a swarm of black kids begging and selling and asking for money. Some months ago it started with just three our four, selling metal work ornaments and asking for transport money. However, since then they have just gotten more and more and more.

We wonder if Father's always buying them a pizza of their own has something to do with their numbers growing and growing and growing. It's becoming a bit of a nuisance, because such a lot of them around make a lot of noise. Not to mention the things they sell we've long bought many of and don't need no more of it, yet they of course always come running when we arrive, trying to smear off their goods on us.

Oh, hold on, there's also a lady from a candy store next door to the pizza place. She's giving them each an ice lolly. Maybe it's her contribution that's making these kids grow in numbers. Or a combination of everything they get.



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