Fighting against everyone to emerge triumphant

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While everyone said I couldn't I said I could, and I not only said I also finally did it. And not only I could do it, anyone of us can do it...

The history

Basketball is my passion. Morning or evening, I am always rushing to the court even if for only half an hour. I just love shooting, and especially swishes. The swish of the ball smoothly sliding through the basket is a melody to me. Every time I am not playing a game in the court, I am practicing shots, and every time I am playing a game, I am taking shots.

Although I do well during the practices, I somehow manage to screw everything up during the games. Somehow most of my shots miss the mark during matches. And therefore all were telling me to stop trying to shoot, and just go for lay-ups. But I was not ready to accept what they said for my love was in swishing and not just in scoring baskets. It was a matter of choice. I did not want to settle for anything lower than my highest dream. And therefore, I never gave up. And while everyone said I couldn't, I said I could, and I continued to try.

The D-Day

And then came the house matches.

The semifinals' game was very intense for us since we were trailing by 29-43 at the end of the second quarter. I was not taken in the playing five because, as mentioned earlier, my desire to attempt swishes most often resulted in losing the ball to the opponents. As I was seeing the match, my heart was burning with a desire to play in the game and shoot some swishes to lead my team to glory. But all I could do was just sit and watch. My fingers were aching to feel the ball, my legs were trembling with the excitement to play, but all I could do was sit quietly and watch my team lose.

And then my chance came. Two minutes into the third quarter, one of our teammates had an injury. I was called in! I was just so excited. There was a gush of adrenaline, and I only knew one goal - to keep swishing.

The rest of the game is just a blur in my mind. I only remember the quick movement of the ball from my hand, one after the other. I received a pass... I went in with the ball... I shot a swish for 2 points. I received another pass, got into a position for a three pointer, and swish... The game kept going like this. I don't remember any emotion, any physical exertion, only a smooth flow from one position to another and then a swish. I was playing, but with a sense of detachment so powerful that I transcended all the petty bounds that I had earlier placed on my potential. The only time I realized what the score was was at the end of the game. We had won the match, with a lead of 7 points. But while everyone around me erupted in joy, and started patting me and shouting around me, I only felt a sense of deep calm engulf me - the calm after achieving my heartfelt desire. The happiness I felt was so intense that it could not have been expressed.

I quietly went aside, leaving my teammates to celebrate the victory. And while I sat alone, I only had one thought in my mind - that of gratitude to God for having helped achieve my desire. And I whispered to God : "Thank You".

And therefore...

And therefore while everyone said I couldn't, I said I could... And I also did it...

And not only me, anyone of you can also do it. All of us have a huge potential to achieve whatever we want to in our life. The only thing which stops us from achieving what we want is the negative labels that we ourselves put on our head, or let others put on our head. Let us transcend these petty boundaries and realize our highest potential. When we give our best, nothing in the world can stop us from achieving what we want. So let us all try our best, without giving up at any point of time. Let us all show to ourselves and the world that:



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