Finally airborne!

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Jack Koccumings is sitting in Father's self-built aircraft.

He's probably sweating like a pig. But he's done this before. What's the worst that can happen? Ok, a lot of things.

Finally airborne!

Continued from here.

Anyway, meanwhile the crowd is waiting, as am I and my camera. Fly already! Fly my pretty, fly!!! I wanna film you.

Well, things happen kinda slowly, but finally he's taxied all the way to the other side of the landing strip, and turns around.

When the engine is ready, here he comes!!! A huge, huge dustcloud follows the aircraft, as the engine is extremely powerful and the propeller blows up dust like nobody's business. Father should really have this landing strip tarred, like he did with the one in Westland.

Any moment now.... There he goes! He lifts up from the air and then flies past above the crowd.

Father and Uncle Gus and Osborn are overjoyed! Finally their hard work of many years have paid off. Their handiwork is flying through the sky like a bird that flies without flapping its wings.

Jack Koccummings flies all over the place and does a few low fly-by's and mock-landings.

Then finally he comes in for a landing.

He talks a few things with Father and after some time and some talk, it's finally Father's turn to go up with Jack Koccummings.

After some flight around the area, they finally come in for a landing.

Father is beaming when he gets out of his airvehicle with a beaming smile. Well, one tooth is missing as Father is still planning to go for an implantate at some point, so the smile is beaming but with one black space in it.

Yup, it's been a big day for him and his building partners Uncle Gus and Osborn. Their hard work finally showed results.

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