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A very expensive venture when imagination takes ove

The trip of a life time

If there is one thing that I like doing, travel would be it. The excitement of visiting, or sometime revisiting places, fills me with wonder and excitement. The people and how they live, so different to what I am accustomed to. This always teaches me new things that I can utilize at any given time, such as at home, at work or with friends. It empowers me with knowledge of other cultures and increases my fluency of different languages-a subject that I have always loved. Well, that was until I decided to take a holiday on the QE2.

Imagination running wild

I must have had rocks in my head when I allowed a friend to convince me to go on this trip, which she called ‘The trip of a lifetime’ but thanks to my always over reactive imagination I fell for it. I lost myself in a world of dreams where I was being served and looked after like a lady of times gone by. I saw myself gliding down the staircase with the train of my silk designer dress trailing seductively behind me. How tantalising the image was of being admired by all the single and handsome multi-millionaires dressed in their expensive tuxedoes, while I from my part played it cool as I glided past them. imagination

The romantic Greek Islands

It was these visions that did not make me gulp and choke as I passed over the small fortune for the two weeks holiday to the travel agent. I even forgot that my car needed to be changed for a new model as it was on its last leg. But then, who knows what was going to happen as the ship sailed through the romantic Greek islands……

The start of a Great Holiday

Departure day finally arrived and we boarded the plane to fly to England, for it was here that we were boarding the ship. So far so good, I felt relieved that most of my compatriots in their over casual gear would not be following me. Aussies are so casual in their dressing; they even wear thongs to go out to dinner and night clubs (How I wished that I never had such a thought)

Where is romance

At last on the ship! Just the same as it happened in the times of the great travels, the first dinner on board was not a dress up affair. In one of my new day wear elegant creations I swung into the dining room. Without trying to be too obvious, I looked around for all the eligible handsome men ready to escort me to my table. Surprise, surprise, there were none to be seen or had. Oh well, they were already sitting down and I would meet them later. You guessed it; there were none at my table. All the people sitting down were senior citizens on their trip of a life time with their wives.

What a let down

The entire scenario began to unfold in my mind-two weeks of having to listen to people talk about bingo, grandchildren, gardens and times ‘In my days…’. One look at my girl friend told me that she knew what to expect once we had finished our meal, which I might add, was served by the most stuck up waiters I have had the misfortune of having to be waited on:I could hear them thinking 'pretending to be rich?'.
Talking about meals, when the trip was booked, we had been told that food was served twenty four hours of the day, oh yes......, in your dreams: that was another fiasco.
But I must be honest, the places we visited were great and the knowledge that there was no need to pack and unpack, even better.

Never again

So, I did not meet my wealthy handsome suitors but at least I visited quite a few countries in comfort, and after a few days I started to enjoy the company of the people at my table; it made me feel good being the baby at my age.
By the way, next time I am not going to listen to my bird brain girlfriend and her Trips of a lifetime’


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
11th Jan 2015 (#)

Well I am a lone traveler but don't go whoring for sex in different countries. Thanks but no thanks....

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author avatar Tinka
11th Jan 2015 (#)

My writings are not for you alone.

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author avatar Vickie Collins
12th Jan 2015 (#)

Ahhh, trips that don't live up to expectation. I hate when that happens. I dreamed of going on one for years, and finally did, and as I put it "don't have to go back"..LOL

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author avatar Tinka
12th Jan 2015 (#)

How true Vicky

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author avatar GenkiWorld
12th Jan 2015 (#)

i had a similar experience, not with a trip of a life time, but a job of a lifetime, how wrong i was, they painted a world of dreams and oportunities for me, weekends on expensive hotels, a huge home for my husband and i and it wa just that false promises, dreams and a wild imagination.

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author avatar Tinka
12th Jan 2015 (#)

Let us hope we have learned to be a little more sceptical next time.

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