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The fourth and final? chapter of an ongoing (fictional?) story about Sharon, a wikinutter who meets another wikinuter in the flesh

Brief synopsis

I suggested a story line where two wikinuters meet and become friends in a previous article (my 99th - to be precise). I was consequently encouraged by author Mariah to write the story myself. In the first chapter, Sharon took a picture for a wikinut article only to find a picture of herself taking the picture possted in another article written by a wikinuter who describes himself as a lawyer and poet. In chapter two, the two authors continue to correspond in an indirect manner by publishing poems. In chapter three, Sharon has asked her friend Ranna to try and discover who the mysterious writer is. The chapter ended with a poem which seemed to be asking Sharon out on a date to a local Chinese restaurant.

Ranna's investigations

Ranna's further investigations surprisingly borne fruit. The local lawyer, a young man by the name of Harold, who works in town, indeed uses a company car but on the fateful day that Sharon had taken her photograph and was herself photographed, his car was in repairs and he took the bus home. She also learnt that at his office he is also known for his poetic skills and a few of his co-workers have asked him to write poems for them at various occasions. This information seemed to corroborate the assumption that he was indeed the mysterious writer. It also meant that he was unlikely to be a stalker of any sort since he has not taken the bus before or since.

Sharon's reply - Sushi is not for me

Armed with the information from Ranna, Sharon felt significantly more comfortable in meeting her fellow wikinuter but a sushi restaurant was absolutely not her style...

Living healthy is living clean
On eating healthy I am keen

You won't find ham on my plate
Not even if you deign to wait

Fast food just isn't my cup of tea
A vegan restaurant's the place for me!

She also linked to an excellent article by Steve Kinsman titled:
What I Learned about Cancer After having been Diagnosed with it

Harold's second poetic invitation

It seems that this Harold didn't object since the next poem he posted was:

It is February fourth at seven o'clock
will you come? will you knock?

On my table, a red rose placed
With each visitor, my heart has raced

Perhaps I'm foolish, romantically so
But if you don't come, then whose to know...

At least I'll get to write a piece
Of love known and lost when I rest in peace

Sharon's poetic reply

Such romantic concepts as poetic correspondence cannot fail to melt even the hardest hearts, how much more so with the tender heart of a romantic wikinut writer. Sharon accepted and wrote:

Oh what a letter, what an invite
I'll most certainly look forward to meeting that night

Nonetheless, I'll be tastefully late
As becoming one who must work for his plate

Be sure to look for me in a pink dress
and a fine hat - i'll not settle for less...

I'm looking forward to meeting an interesting poet
It will surely be interesting, I really just know it


What happened to Sharon and Harold when they met?
Did they hit it off from the start or were there various setbacks?
I'll leave that to your imagination, I suppose...

One thing is for certain, they met through wikinut and became good friends.

My notes

As noted in my introduction, the story was prompted by author Mariah.
The characters are completely fictional and any resemblance to real life people is imaginary. The plot is a completely reasonable and plausible one though.
I had no idea at the start how this was going to go. I wrote it off the top of my head, intuitively. The concept of correspondence by poems occured after I published the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed the makeshift poetry.

Comments would be appreciated


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author avatar Ahmed
9th Jan 2014 (#)

Very interesting story full of peotry

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
10th Jan 2014 (#)

Nice and interesting post in every line!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
10th Jan 2014 (#)

Well I happened to meet a fellow Wikinutter in person and yes via Wikinut but just as friends back in 2011 and we all still meet up from time to time.... with his girlfriend....

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