Finding love on wikinut - a poetic invite

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Sharon, a wikinutter, found herself depicted on wikinut, this leads to an interesting correspondence. This is part III of an ongoing story - sorry about the delay in posting!

Brief synopsis

The premise for this story is an article posted by me where I was encouraged by author Mariah to write this story. This chapter is preceded by two previous chapters. In chapter one, Sharon, a wikinutter, took a picture with her smartphone while on her way home from work. To her surprise she found a picture of herself taking the picture in an article posted the following day. In chapter two a correspondence takes place via poems published on wikinut.

Consulting Ranna

Sharon decided to consult her friend Ranna, who worked at a large law firm in town. In fact she had to subjects to consult with her about. The first, was the legality of publishing someone's pictures taken on public transportation without first obtaining his or her consent. The second involved trying to identify the mysterious writer who had photographed her.

Ranna's legal and practical advice

Ranna tried to help as best she could. Public transportation is generally considered to be a public place as far as the law is concerned and, as a rule, pictures taken in public places can be published without the consent of the people pictured. As far as identifying the wikinut writer. Ranna agreed with Sharon that it was probably someone local seeing as he had been taking the public transportation with her that evening. However, the only lawyer living in the area that Ranna was aware of, generally took a company car to work and not public transportation. The lawyer in question was a young one, unmarried and relatively good looking and he lived about two blocks down from her own apartment. Although he did not work at the same law firm as Ranna, she promised to do some research and see if he might be the writer in question.

A poetic invitation

That evening, Sharon found that her mysterious wikinut follower had published another article - a poem about sushi restaurants.

Oh, the Chinese have the right of it
So much choice you've got to think a bit
Many options wrapped in rice to see
That is the wonder of the great Sushi
Be it salmon, tuna, tofu or meat
Cucumber, carrot all yummy to eat
A great place to meet a friend
For a business meeting or any other end
If you stop by for some and a cup of tea
You might be lucky and then see me

The picture illustrating the poem was that of a local sushi restaurant. She recognized it as being about a mile from where she lived. Was he trying to ask her out? It certainly looked that way. Still, until she got more information from Ranna...


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